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Mehboob Kamadia

Independent Ismaili Scholar & Lecturer

- June 4, 2010 -



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Some 900 years ago, Pir Shams prophesied that murids will fight against the Pir. An example of this sort of disloyalty is currently unfolding in front of our eyes. Some individuals who portray themselves as staunch murids have acted against the explicit wishes of the Holy Imam. Their audacity is reprehensible: these murids have attempted to slander and defame both Mawlana Hazar Imam and his top representatives, particularly by exploiting the media and the internet. Their radical actions evolved to such an extreme degree that Mawlana Hazar Imam reserved the right to use any and all legal remedies for issues concerning slander and defamation. An excerpt of Mawlana Hazar Imam's Reply to the Statement of Defence of Nagib Tajdin reads:


"If anything, the Defendant's [Nagib Tajdin] allegations of forgery may be considered slander and defamation against the Plaintiff [Mawlana Hazar Imam] and his aides. The Plaintiff [Mawlana Hazar Imam] reserves the right to pursue any and all legal remedies concerning these allegations made by the Defendant [Nagib Tajdin]." (Federal Court of Canada: May 25, 2010; Paragraph 43)


The following Report has been written for Jamati members who wish to seek a deeper understanding of the relevant matter. It is divided up into four sections:


1)  An overview of the Lawsuit

2) The Birth and Tragedy of Nagib Tajdins

Much of the assertions in this section will be verified in the factual section that follows.

3) Historical and Recent facts concerning Nagib Tajdin's cult, including the relevant legal case

    This section will unveil the truly shocking facts involved in the evolution of the cult, and bring the reader up to par with the most recent developments, including the relevant legal matter.

4)  Concluding Remarks Cult


1. An Overview of the Lawsuit


The Statement of Claim states that the Plaintiff is "The Aga Khan" who "is the 49th hereditary Imam of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims" (para 6). The Defendants are "Nagib Tajdin, Alnaz Jiwa, John Doe & Doe Co.”.  The identity of these unidentified persons and/or companies is alleged to be known to Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa (para. 10)


A third Defendant by the name of Amin Tajdin was served with a Statement of Claim in Montreal. Amin Tajdin is one of the four brothers of Nagib Tajdin.


In general, this is a claim for infringement of copyright and moral rights relating to the unauthorized reproduction of Farmans and Talikas of Mawlana Hazar Imam. The Infringing Materials consist of a book entitled "Farmans 1957-2009 - Golden Edition Kalam-E Imam-E-Zaman" and "an mp3 audio preloaded with 14 audio extracts of Farmans" which "were produced, published, distributed or sold" by defendants Nagib Tajdin (para. 5); Defendants Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa promote "the sale of the Infringing Materials in Canada and throughout the world" (para. 8,9). Farmans contained on the mp3 were recorded by the defendants without the "Aga Khan's knowledge or authorization" at Ismaili congregations (para. 22, 23)


2. The Birth and Tragedy of Nagib Tajdins Cult


The cult of Nagib Tajdin was founded on the dubious belief that the appointed jamati leadership, including the elite in Aiglemont, were and are not representing Mawlana Hazar Imam's views and vision.  He has depicted them as corrupt, unscrupulous and in his explicit words, “enemies of Ismailism” (Feb. 24, 1995).  He has also likened our jamati institutional leaders to Yezid and Shimar, the arch-devils who had massacred Imam Husyan, peace be upon him (Jan. 15, 1997).  Implicit in this very idea was the insane notion that Mawlana Hazar Imam was not judicious in selecting the top representatives of His own institution.  This notion is anathema to any Ismail murid.    


Nagib Tajdin was able to turn his vision into a cult by indoctrinating certain individuals with his wicked ideas.  Although it didn’t require much brain power to see through Nagib Tajdin’s unconvincing lies, those who fell prey to him helped create a small group that carried out actions directly contrary to wishes of Mawlana Hazar Imam.  Nagib Tajdin’s fantasies – that he could seize upon Mawlana Hazar Imam's rights and responsibilities by taking charge of Farmans, Talikas, Ginans, Ismaili Manuscripts, Photographs of Mawlana Hazar Imam and Noorani Family, etc. – lasted for roughly 18 years.  It was disturbing that this constituted a direct breach of Article 14.1 of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslim Constitution, not to mention allegedly the copyright rights pursuant to the relevant acts in Canadian law. 


Moreover, the group consistently used deceiving methods in fulfilling their breaches. At times, Nagib Tajdin fooled leaders by claiming that he had stopped usurping Mawlana Hazar Imam's sole prerogative, while his deluded representatives, including Layla Dharsee, Husayn Dharsee, Fateh Dhalla, Shamshu Mulji, Freny Ramzan (of Kitchener, Ontario) and others, used underground tactics aimed at championing  Nagib Tajdin's vision. 


More recently, in spite of tremendous pressures on His time, Mawlana Hazar Imam personally intervened and offered Nagib Tajdin 72 hours to forever stop meddling with the Imam's rights and responsibilities. Nagib Tajdin remained defiant. More attempts followed to avoid legal action but Nagib Tajdin intensified his defiance. As a result, Mawlana Hazar Imam chose to take legal action against Nagib Tajdin, Alnaz Jiwa and other unnamed defendants.


Nagib Tajdin’s cult was born in Montreal from a womb of defiance.  Presently, the cult seems to be undergoing a destructive phase.  We can only pray and hope that justice is achieved through our judicial system here in Canada.  Furthermore, I have full confidence that our Institution’s Leadership will continue to enjoy full vindication.  For ours is an Institution that can comfortably pride itself for abiding by the highest ethical standards. 


What is alarming is the fact that the Defendants appeal to members of the Jamat by stating that they have acted as ethical Ismailis. Here I raise the question of the Defendants' intentions. Were they benign?  Or were their recent actions – particularly those alleging their noble intentions – nothing short of propaganda?  Any notion of “innocent” intentions is highly questionable considering what we already know:


a)  Nagib Tajdin’s cult was founded on the implicit idea that Mawlana Hazar Imam is not judicious in appointing his top representatives;

b)  Nagib Tajdin’s cult was in direct violation of the Ismaili constitution, and allegedly Canadian Copyright law;

c)  Nagib Tajdin’s cult used underground methods to achieve their purposes, and he even went to the extent of fooling leaders in his claim that he had ceased activities.


But there is much more to the story than merely these three points. Throughout the years, the characters of this cult have performed actions which were indeed outrageous, some of which may not be well known.  We now turn to the factual section of the report.   


3. Historical facts concerning Nagib Tajdin and the Defendants, including Relevant Legal Matter


1)     In the late 1980s, Nagib Tajdin used to teach in Montreal mission class. After realizing that he was a serious threat and his teachings were offensive, the Ismaili Tariqah Board for Quebec removed him from teaching.


2)     In the late 1980s, Nagib Tajdin remarked to me personally that a large portion of the Holy Qur'an is NOT from the Almighty Allah, but a forger or someone who pretended to be the Almighty Allah some 1400 years ago. I feel tremendous trepidation in reporting Nagib Tajdin's actual blasphemous remarks.    


3)     While debating on Alnaz Jiwa's Ilm-net in the mid 1990s, Nagib Tajdin insulted the Prophet; ridiculed the Prophet's wife; ridiculed the sacred month of Ramadhan; ridiculed the Caliphs of Islam and the list is too long. That Alnaz Jiwa participated in the foregoing activities is a well documented fact which consists of several hundred pages. Their acts fall under the grounds set out in Article 14 of the Ismaili Constitution for disciplinary action. 


Suratul Fateha is Forged


Suratul Fateha is recited daily by millions of Muslims; Ismailis recite this Sura daily in their du'a. After suspecting that the verses 11 to 19 of Sura Nur were forged, Alnaz Jiwa commented that Suratul Fateha too is not from Allah, clearly implying that this Sura is forged (21 February 1995). 


4)     I have evidence which shows that Nagib Tajdin has omitted, altered and even fabricated words in his Infringing Materials and in the widely unauthorized and wrongful circulation of Farmans. In one of the Farmans cited in the Infringing Materials, Nagib Tajdin has concocted or forged 32 words in the name of the Imam! As evidence, I personally listened to one of the official voice recordings of Mawlana Hazar Imam. 


5)     Nagib Tajdin and his band of loyal supporters committed very serious and continuous breaches of the Ismaili Constitution from 1991 to 2010.  By printing, publishing, and circulating Farmans and Talikas, they were in clear violation of Article 14.1 (c) of the Constitution. Of course, not only did their actions constitute a breach of the Ismaili constitution, but they have allegedly violated the relevant legislation pertaining to the legal dispute. Article 14 of the Ismaili Constitution reads: 

"Any Ismaili shall be liable to disciplinary action who: without the permission in writing of the National Council obtained through the Regional Council within whose jurisdiction he resides, prints, publishes, or circulates any material or makes any statement or convenes a meeting or assembly purporting to be on behalf of or in the name of or relating to Mawlana Hazar Imam, the Ismaili Tariqah, the Jamat, any Council or any other Ismaili institution".  

6)     In earlier years, numerous attempts were made to halt the relevant publications and on other related matters.  


a)     1991: Mawlana Hazar Imam had given a hidayat (guidance) to leadership stating that it was His wish that His photographs be moved to the sides of Jamat Khanas.  The President of Council for Canada travelled to Montreal to convey Mawlana Hazar Imam's wishes in person. President Saheb had made it clear to Nagib Tajdin that it was the wish of the Imam that His photographs be moved.


Nagib Tajdin rebelled against this guidance of Mawlana Hazar Imam.  He created confusion in the minds of Montreal Jamati Murids by baselessly alleging that leadership had forged the guidance. He had mailed anonymous flyers across Canada; an excerpt reads: 


"if moving Mawlana Hazar Imam's photographs on the side was truly the wish of the Holy Imam, then there must be a written Talika indicating this change. In the absence of such a written Talika, the jamats, must riot against the Ismaili leadership."  

Next, Nagib Tajdin released his propaganda flyers, in English and French, threatening for a hunger strike to take place on the premises of Montreal Headquarters Jamatkhana. He even went to the extent of recruiting members of the Jamat to participate in a hunger strike.  There were even reports of arguments and verbal abuse inside Montreal Headquarters Jamat Khana between members of the Jamat. In this manner, Nagib Tajdin planted the seeds of division and disunity. In response, the late senior Missionary Abualy, institutional leaders and myself rose up to quash Nagib Tajdin's rebellion.  Thereafter, Nagib Tajdin resurrected and teamed up on Alnaz Jiwa's ilm-net internet email listserv. 


Some four years later, Nagib Tajdin wrote on Alnaz Jiwa's Ilm-net: The example of photographs is really the worst you could come up with: Hazar Imam NEVER told  to remove them..." (February 21, 1995; emphasis added).      

b)     1994: The Chairman of Ismaili Tariqah and Religious Education Board for Canada informed the Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver jamats that some members of the Jamat were meddling with the Imam's prerogative and this was "disrespectful to the Imam". An excerpt of his speech reads: 

"There has been attempts by certain people in the Jamat to obtain these Farmans, to print them, to publish them and I would like to submit to you my brothers and sisters here that I think any such activity is an activity that must be seen as disrespectful to the Imam! Because this is Imam's prerogative and this is where I think we need to respect that position of the Imam." - April 6th, 1994


c)     1997: Two complainants, Karim Bhimji and Tajdin Esmail, had initiated disciplinary proceedings against Nagib Tajdin, Layla Dharsee, Husayn Dharsee & Alnaz Jiwa. 


Nagib Tajdin threatened to take legal action against the Arbitration Board members. 

7)     1997: Husayn Dharsee and Nagib Tajdin made explicit mockery of Article 14 and Rai Mohammed Keshavjee, the World Coordinator of Tariqah Boards who works directly under Mawlana Hazar Imam. This mockery was carried out on Alnaz Jiwa's ilm-net - once a shopping mall of anti-Qur'anic, anti-Ismaili and anti-leadership propaganda:


Husayn Dharsee wrote to Nagib Tajdin with copies sent to all members on the Ilm-net:

"Nagib, many people on  Ilm-net are opposed to you sharing all this 'Biryani' (ie Talikas, Farmans with Ismailis). Too much Biryani is hard to digest. So we are starting a petition here below and after we get 50 names we will have to STOP YOU thru the CONSTITUTION. I am sure you will tell us which Article to use, since the leaders are not trying to stop you legally...Okay, so sign here; 1) Keshavjee 2) 3)...50)"


Nagib Tajdin responded:

"Good move [Husayn Dharsee], your message has prompted responses in favour of the circulation of talikas and farmans. This is what we need. ...I LAUGHED when I read the first name on the petition. By now your message is probably sitting on the desk of Keshawjee, Mehboob...Mr. Dharsee, why arent' you joining the 14.1 cult. They will explain you how to take people to CAB haha. Just joking but if you need some help, I'll volunteer to write your complaint against me".


Unauthorized Recordings of Farmans


8)     In his Statement of Defence, Nagib Tajdin claims that he "commenced gathering Farmans" (para. 22). How did he gather these Farmans?


To record Farmans at Ismaili gatherings (deedar halls), Nagib Tajdin and his supporters caused immense disturbances in many parts of the world from 1992 to 2010. Institutional leaders, Mukhis & Kamadias (Representatives of the Imam) did everything in their powers to stop Nagib Tajdin and his company from unauthorized recordings, only to be greeted with deceit and defiance. Time and again, Nagib Tajdin and his supporters were caught red handed for smuggling tape recorders inside the Ismaili gatherings. 


Among the zealous supporters of Nagib Tajdin were unquestionably Layla Dharsee and Husayn Dharsee, who were caught again and again. If it weren't for this couple who live in Toronto and go to Etobicoke Jamatkhana, Nagib Tajdin would have the hardest time in gathering Farmans.  


Recent Facts Concerning Nagib Tajdin and the Defendants

- 2010 -

9)     January 4: Mawlana Hazar Imam received correspondence from Nagib Tajdin which included a copy of the Infringement  Materials. 


10)  January 5: I wrote a letter notifying the leaders that the Infringing Materials were being sold in the Jamatkhana premises by Nagib Tajdin's agents.  


11)  January 16: Mawlana Hazar Imam authorized the Leaders' International Forum (LIF) to clearly express to the Jamat that all publication and distribution of the Infringement Materials was a serious and absolutely unacceptable breach of Mawlana Hazar Imam's sole prerogative of publishing and circulating Farmans within the Jamat. The LIF assured the Jamat that appropriate steps were being taken to ensure that this unauthorized circulation of copies of the Infringing Materials ceases. The LIF urged members of the Jamat to take all possible measures to discourage those who seek to circulate such material privately.


After the LIF announcement,  Layla Dharsee, Husayn Dharsee, Alnaz Jiwa, Shamshu Mulji, and Fateh Dhalla were selling the Infringement Materials. 


12)  January 24: Through direct correspondence, Mawlana Hazar Imam advised Nagib Tajdin that the publication and distribution of the Infringing Materials was not authorized and contrary to His wishes. The Imam indicated that Nagib Tajdin had created an unacceptable scenario. The Imam advised Nagib Tajdin that the latter must respect the Ismaili Constitution in letter and in spirit. According to the LIF announcement, the Imam wrote to Nagib Tajdin: "This is a serious and absolutely unacceptable breach of Imam's right and responsibility".  Nagib Tajdin reacted by alleging that this Imamat communication was forged by the Imam's staff and/or senior appointed leaders. 


13)  January 25: I submitted a voluminous correspondence to Ismaili leaders which documents the highly offensive activities of Nagib Tajdin, Alnaz Jiwa & Company.  


14)  February 17: Mawlana Hazar Imam authorized His senior aide, Vazir Dr. Shafik Sachedina, to speak on His behalf to Nagib Tajdin. 


15)  February 18: Mawlana Hazar Imam wrote a second letter to Nagib Tajdin assuring him that the earlier and current communications were from the Imam-of-the-Time. The Imam cautioned Nagib Tajdin that his second letter would be the last on this matter. The Imam-of-the-Time added that if this matter "cannot be solved in the relationship of a murid to his Imam", He  "will have no other choice than to use all the measures available" to Him to "enforce" his rights and "exercise effective control" on his sacred communications with His Jamat. Mawlana Hazar Imam ended His letter in the following words with his own handwriting: "This is not at all the course I would wish to have to follow."


16)  April 2: Acting on the authority of Mawlana Hazar Imam, Prince Amyn responded to a letter from Nagib Tajdin. Prince Amyn refuted allegations of forgery and advised Nagib Tajdin to immediately comply with the instructions of the Imam. Prince Amyn's letter went unanswered.


Mawlana Hazar Imam had clearly wished that this matter be resolved within the spirit of the Imam-Murid relationship. In essence, all efforts of Mawlana Hazar Imam, Prince Amyn and the senior aides' acting on behalf of the Imam seeking to avoid legal action fell on deaf ears. 


Statement of Claim by Mawlana Hazar Imam


17)  April 6: Mawlana Hazar Imam initiated legal action. A Statement of Claim was filed in the Federal Court of Canada and copies issued to Defendants Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa on around April 6, 2010.


18)  April 15: Mawlana Hazar Imam authorized the LIF to inform various jamats about the Infringement Materials and Nagib Tajdin's unfounded allegations of forgery. 



Statements of Defence by Nagib Tajdin & Alnaz Jiwa

19)  April 29: Defendants Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa decided to proceed with their dispute through the legal process. Their Statements of Defences were provided to Mawlana Hazar Imam and the Federal Court of Canada around April 29, 2010.


Much like his delusions concerning the forgery of the Holy Qu’ran, Nagib Tajdin alleges that the Plaintiff His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan is not "in reality the plaintiff" and goes on to say that "This action has been initiated by a usurper, an individual or a group of individuals, who had no hesitation and no scruples to forge the Imam's signature." The "forger" in Nagib Tajdin words "seems to be linked to Dr. Sachedina who heads the secretariat of the Imam and who has a sweeping reach into all incoming mail as well as into the Ismaili Leaders' international Forum" (para. 4).  He further alleges that the Statement of Claim by the Imam raises the same issues that were articulated in Mawlana Hazar Imam's first letter to Nagib Tajdin dated January 24, 2010. This Imamat Communication, in the words of Nagib Tajdin, is a "fraudulent letter" (para. 56). With respect to Imamat communication, Nagib Tajdin insults it by saying that this was written "in a very rude style" (para. 49).  


Alnaz Jiwa asserts that "the Aga Khan is not in reality the plaintiff, and that this action has been initiated by Dr. Shafik Sachedina".  Furthermore, Alnaz Jiwa suggests that if this legal action was authorized by Mawlana Hazar Imam, than the Imam has been misled by his advisors.  Notwithstanding the fact that these two statements logically contradict each other, the notion that Mawlana Hazar Imam has been misled, or fooled, is a direct insult (para 5, 6 respectively).


The Wrath of Nagib Tajdin & Alnaz Jiwa

20)  April 20 to May 25: Nagib Tajdin, Alnaz Jiwa and their supporters unleashed their fury seeking to discredit the Imam's Statement of Claim and vilifying some senior appointed jamati leaders by exploiting the media and the internet, particularly Nagib Tajdin's website. 


The Defendants continue to allege that the two Imamat communications were forged; the Plaintiff is not Mawlana Hazar Imam; Leaders' International Forum (LIF) announcements were "deceitful" and "misleading"; LIF's announcements cited forged quotes of the Imam. The following was posted on Nagib Tajdin's website and circulated through emailing: "I [Alnaz Jiwa]  have said before, [Caliph] Abu Bakr's mission is whole heartedly being carried on by ITREB [Ismaili Tariqah & Religious Education Board]." Defendant Nagib Tajdin alleges in his Statement of Defence that the LIF had launched "a slander campaign" against him by using the platform of Jamatkhanas (para 46, 50, 61).


Mawlana Hazar Imam's

Releases a Legal Sworn Affirmation

21)  May 12: Mawlana Hazar Imam signed a sworn Affirmation notarized in front of a notary public and a senior lawyer in Boston, USA. This Affirmation reads: 


His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan


- and -

NAGIB TAJDIN, ALNAZ JIWA, JOHN DOE and DOE CO. and all other persons or entities unknown to the Plaintiff who are reproducing, publishing, promoting and/or authorizing the reproduction and promotion of the Infringing Materials



I, Prince Karim Aga Khan, do solemnly affirm pursuant to sections 14 and 15 of the Canada Evidence Act as follows:

1. I am the Plaintiff in Court File NoT-514-10 filed in the Federal Court of Canada. I have personally reviewed and approved the contents of the Statement of Claim filed with the Court in this case.

2. I have retained the firm of Ogilvy Renault LLP to act as my solicitors on my behalf and have authorized the action for copyright infringement against the named defendants.

3. I do not consent and have never consented to the publication and copying of the works in dispute and that are set out in the Statement of Claim.

4. I have informed one of the defendants Nagib Tajdin in two letters which I have written to him of my instructions to stop the unauthorized publication and to deliver up the undistributed books. In the second letter I purposively added a handwritten note in order to show that the letter came from me personally.

5. I authorized the Ismaili Leaders' International Forum (LIF) to inform my Community about this matter and I know that this communication reached both Mr.Jiwa and Mr. Tajdin.



22)  May 14: Both Defendants Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa were provided with the aforementioned notarized statement of Mawlana Hazar Imam by e-mail dated May 14, 2010

23)  May 17: Amin Tajdin, Nagib Tajdin's brother, most likely authored or forwarded a private email to his family members and friends in French which reads: "SVP arrêter de representer  et de publiciser la position de celui qui a forge la signature de MHI. Au lieu de publiciser les paroles de Satan, SVP publiciser la VERITE qui est celle décrite dans la défense de Nagib."


Translation: "Please stop representing and broadcasting the position of the person [Vazir Shafik Sachedina] who forged the signature of Mawlana Hazar Imam. Instead of broadcasting the words of Satan, please broadcast the TRUTH which is written in the [Statement of] Defence of Nagib [Tajdin]."


24)  May 14 to May 25: The legally sworn Affirmation too failed to have any impact on the Defendants and their apologists. The forgery accusations and slandering remarks continued to be displayed on Nagib Tajdin's website.


Mawlana Hazar Imam's

Reply to Statements of Defence of Nagib Tajdin & Alnaz Jiwa


25) May 25: Mawlana Hazar Imam provided a Reply to Statements of Defence of Nagib Tajdin (13 pages) and Alnaz Jiwa (10 pages). These documents were filed with the Federal Court of Canada and served to Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa on May 25, 2010.


In the Reply, Mawlana Hazar Imam "denies each and every allegation contained" in  the Statements of Defence of Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa dated April 25, and April 28, respectively. This includes the onslaught of Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa against the Ismaili leaders. This powerful defence should once and for all pacify and appease all those who have and are supporting Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa in their crusade against Ismaili leaders.  At times, some jamati members allege that the Ismaili institution - ITREB - does not wish to publish Farmans. Mawlana Hazar Imam puts this myth at permanent rest. The Reply states:


"If ITREB has not printed or published the Plaintiff's [Mawlana Hazar Imam's] Farmans and other works, it is because the Plaintiff [Imam-of-the-Time] has not thought is desirable to do so." (para. 35; Reply to Alnaz Jiwa)


The Imam-of-the-Time "further repeats and relies upon the allegations set forth" in His Statement of Claim.


The Defendants have claimed that they would cease their impugned activities upon the request of Mawlana Hazar Imam. They have failed to do so. The Defendants have rejected two letters of Mawlana Hazar Imam, letter of Prince Amyn, two announcements from the LIF which were approved by Mawlana Hazar Imam, the Statement of Claim and the notarized Affirmation. The Reply states that the Defendants have continued to "publish and distribute the Infringing Materials". After unparalleled defiance, the Defendant Nagib Tajdin had the audacity to request to meet with the Imam in person. Mawlana Hazar Imam responded in His Reply as follows:


"The Plaintiff [Imam] has had two letters rejected which could have settled the matter between himself and the Defendants and therefore the Plaintiff [Imam] does not believe that there is any reason to meet. The Plaintiff further denies that the Defendant [Nagib Tajdin] has any basis in law, or otherwise, to require a personal meeting with the Plaintiff [Imam] as a pre-condition to ceasing his infringing activities" (para. 37).


26)  June 3: Three weeks have passed since the Defendants have received Mawlana Hazar Imam sworn notarized Affirmation. Ten days have passed since the Defendants have received the legal Reply from Mawlana Hazar Imam. The Defendants, however, continue to champion their unprecedented and unrivalled defiance.


Offending Religious Sentiments of the Jamati Members & Disciplinary Complaint


27)  June 4: Murids all over the world continue to witness Mawlana Hazar Imam going through this unprecedented ordeal simply because of the sheer defiance and arrogance of the Defendants Nagib Tajdin, Alnaz Jiwa and others. Defendants have severely wounded the religious sentiments of hundreds, if not thousands, of members of the Jamat. Defendants' overall conduct is highly prejudicial to the dignity and prestige of the Jamat. Nagib Tajdin - who has no right to use the term "ISMAILI" for his website - continues to lure innocent murids to his which prints and publishes matters which are offensive and unauthorized. These activities directly fall under the grounds set out in Article 14. The Ismaili Constitution permits each Ismaili to lodge a disciplinary complaint against any Ismaili whose acts fall under the grounds set out in Article 14.  


4. Concluding Remarks


This report has provided the reader with some context, including historical and recent facts.  Taken collectively, they clearly demonstrate the characters of Nagib Tajdin and his cult. 

Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa continue to portray themselves as having unwavering loyalty to the Imam.  Accepting this claim is tantamount to living in a world of delusion: To be blunt, I can't seem to figure out what planet these creatures reside on. What type of staunch murid implicitly claims that Mawlana Hazar Imam isnt judicious in selecting top aides? What type of staunch murid seeks to create discord, disharmony and disunity within the Jamat by being dishonest, launching hunger strikes (for purposes contrary to the wishes of the Imam), and engaging in verbal abuse? What type of staunch murid supports an uprising against the Ismaili Leadership? What type of staunch murid launches malicious and baseless allegations against the President of Council for Canada, Chairman of ITREB Canada, Rai Mohammed Keshavjee and Vazir Shafiq Sachedina top leaders of the highest integrity appointed directly by Mawlana Hazar Imam?  What type of staunch murid claims that the Holy Quran is forged? What type of staunch murid insults the Prophet, His Wives, and the Caliphs?  What type of staunch murid challenges the authenticity of Sura al-Fateha recited by over a billion Muslims daily in their formal prayer? What type of staunch murid knowingly contravenes the Ismaili Constitution and allegedly Canadian Copyright law? 


What type of staunch murid refuses to resolve an issue with Mawlana Hazar Imam after receiving a direct request this sole idea dispels the myth of the staunch murid.  Indeed, it is pitiful that even subsequent to Hazer Imams legal sworn affirmation claiming He was the author of the two forged letters” – Nagibs website still contains the slanderous accusations of forgery.  


Pity, yes.  Surprising, no.  What more could be expected from Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa given that both their historical and recent actions have been characterized by a marked degree of arrogance, defiance, disillusionment, and dare I say sheer stupidity (for an example of the latter, please refer to the legal basis offered in Nagib Tajdin's or Alnaz Jiwas Statement of Defence).  Their definition of what it means to be a staunch murid is not one I, nor any true Ismaili ought to recognize.  And in the end, we can only sincerely hope and pray that this ordeal doesnt inconvenience and/or cause pain for our most beloved Mawlana Hazar Imam, high ranking officials within the institution (such as Vazir Dr. Shafik Sachedina, Rai Dr. Mohammed Keshavjee, both being of the highest integrity), other leaders who work wholeheartedly to help forward Hazar Imams noble vision, and the Ismaili community in general.  Apologists who tell you that we should sympathize with Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa are either uninformed, or ought to have their loyalties checked. 





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