Aga Khan Lawsuit
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    Defendant Alnaz Jiwa


    Defendant Nagib Tajdin


    A Post-Victory Legal Battle


    His Highness The Aga Khan Refusal's Motion

    "Mr. [Alnaz] Jiwa knows the identity of some of the book distributers, including the distributor from whom he purchased his 24 boxes of Golden Edition books, but he will not disclose any names"


    "Mr. [Nagib] Tajdin's resistance to any form of real disclosure, while protesting allegiance to His Highness, suggests that Mr. Tajdin is hiding the real truth about the number of books printed and sold, how these were distributed and the profit made." - April 19, 2012  


    His Highness The Aga Khan


    Hidden Infringers, Alnaz Jiwa & Nagib Tajdin

    - April 25, 2013 -





    An alleged Diabolical Conspiracy


    After sustaining a series of most humiliating defeats, Nagib Tajdin seems resolute in carrying out underground attacks on Imamat's absolute rights. NT asserted that he and the officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa are committed to breach His Highness' copyright till their last breath.


    NT and the officer of the court AJ suggest that His Highness had merely deceived the court by taking a false oath as Plaintiff in order to hide an alleged secret diabolical conspiracy - a conspiracy which is allegedly being orchestrated by Norton Rose and their high-profile solicitors side-by-side with some of the highest ranking Ismaili Institutional leaders! Nagib Tajdin now suggests that the Federal Court of Canada too is part of this alleged criminal conspiracy! He wrote: "Shame on the Canadian legal system. I am thinking it is more corrupt than the Kenya judiciary!"


    But AJ and NT are not alone who posit faith in this fictionalized and sensationalized gigantic criminal conspiracy - there is a group of infringers and fanatical supporters who unconditionally surrender to NT's and AJ's verdict. One of these ultra fanatical supporter is unquestionably Mahebub Chatur, who for the past 3 years, has been barking by putting several masks of piety.








    Mahebub Chatur of London, England is one the several ultra fanatics who serves as an evil-monger. In order to remain in hiding, Mahebub Chatur circulates his sinister propaganda under several fake names including "bloglaw". He continues to harass Ismailis and non-Ismailis by sending his emails (trash).


    Evidence suggests that Mahebub Chatur believes that absolute TRUTH resides in the words which are uttered by Nagib Tajdin & Alnaz Jiwa.  Anything which originates from His Highness is either forged or unauthorized!


    Mahebub Chatur's evil-mongering alleges that His Highness' Talika, His Highness two Imamat communications and His Highness' Affirmation were forged by an impostor-imam.  Mahebub Chatur suggests that His Highness' Leaders' International Forum announcements too are valueless. In fact, Mahebub Chatur has rejected irrefutable legal evidence as well as common-sense and surrendered to the following devilish propa.


    Nagib Tajdin told the Court that His Highness' talika was merely hate propaganda and unworthy of paying attention to. NT suggested that His Highness had taken a false oath as Plaintiff merely to deceive the Court! If His Highness were the Plaintiff, Alnaz Jiwa argued that this would make His Highness "an incompetent, grossly incompetent person, not worth of worshipping". (source: Nagib Tajdin's, February 7th, 2012). Mahebub Chatur surrendered to the foregoing devilish propaganda.


    The officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa also explicitly asserted that the "core" of Ismaili leadership is "rotten" and soon His Highness will destroy his own Community! Alnaz Jiwa ridiculed by suggesting that His Highness had appointed Institutional leaders who were comparable to Yazid, an arch-devil who had massacred the grandson of the Prophet. Mahebub Chatur suggested that His Highness should abandon his Imamat's prerogative and allow an election of Institutional leaders! Nagib Tajdin (umed librarian) ridiculed by writing that these "rogues" His Highness has appointed would corrupt the election ballot as well!  


    Mahebub Chatur, serving as an attack dog for Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa, lodged a disciplinary complaint against some of His Highness' highest ranking leaders in His Highness' National and/or International Conciliation & Arbitration Board (NCAB/ICAB).  CABs trashed Mahebub Chatur's complaints. Eversince, he has become more vindictive and continues to bark on daily basis on NT's website under several fake names.  



    For more about Mahebub Chatur's evil propaganda and his harrasment, click on the following links:



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