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Unveiling the 18 Year Old Bizarre Narrative


Nagib Tajdin







Mehboob Kamadia

Independent Ismaili Scholar & Lecturer

- May 24, 2010 -


"Unveiling the 18 Years Old Bizarre Narrative of Nagib Tajdin"

Through jamati and legal methods, Mawlana Hazar Imam has repeatedly and explicitly asserted that He has never consented and does not authorize to the defendants to publish His Farmans; Defendants Mr. Nagib Tajdin and Mr. Alnaz Jiwa defy and insist that the Imam had provided this consent during a Mehmani (food offering) some eighteen years ago in Montreal. It is precisely on this alleged authorization that I wish to comment upon. This Report is divided into four parts: An Overview, Mehmani Incident as stated in Defences, Post-Mehmani Development & Concluding Remarks. Readers are assumed to have full knowledge of the Imam's Statement of Claim and the Defendants' Statements of Defence.




Ismailis institutions and millions of murids of the Imam-of-the-Time who live in more than twenty-five countries are socially governed by the Constitution of the Shia Imami Muslims; the only exceptions are Nagib Tajdin, the unidentified partner(s) and the rest of Nagib Tajdin's (NT) Cult, which obviously includes the notorious Alnaz Jiwa. The latter has recently stated in a widely circulated e-mail: "Since 1987, I [Alnaz Jiwa] have publicly been fighting the institutional leadership.


Why did the NT Cult disassociate itself from the mainstream?


My forthcoming Report "Defiance: The Story of Nagib Tajdin, Alnaz Jiwa & Company" will provide a detailed response. In brief, Nagib Tajdin believes that leaders are corrupt, unscrupulous and in his own words, “enemies of Ismailism” (Reported on Alnaz Jiwa's Ilm-net, Feb. 24, 1995). Thus like any cult leader, Nagib Tajdin became the self-appointed messiah and founded his NT Cult which operates under a veil of absolute secrecy.


After SECRETLY contravening Article 14 1 (c) of the Ismaili Constitution, defying the process and procedures established by the Imam with respect to the dissemination of Farmans, infringing copyright law and carrying out actionable breaches of the Imam's right and responsibility, Nagib Tajdin's Infringing Material (First Farman Book) was slipped with a personal Mehmani without drawing attention of the leaders. This was on 15th of August, 1992 in Montreal.


From August 1992 to 2010, many leaders including the world renowned late Missionary Abualy, attempted to stop Nagib Tajdin from breaching Mawlana Hazar Imam's right and responsibility. Nagib Tajdin never narrated his bizarre story of authorization to any of these leaders.  


In March 1995, the senior Missionary Abualy had travelled from Vancouver to Montreal via Toronto for the sole purpose of meeting with Nagib Tajdin and his wife Freny Ramzan. In my presence, Missionary Abualy expressed that the Imam was very concerned and unhappy with their activities of printing, publishing, and circulating Farmans. Missionary Saheb emphatically insisted that they cease these activities at once and without any delay. I was present during this meeting. I must emphasize that Nagib Tajdin did not defend his position by stating that the Imam had empowered his Cult to publish and circulate Farmans.    


Eighteen years after the Mehmani incident, Nagib Tajdin simply crawls out of the closet. FOR THE FIRST TIME through the pressure of the recent legal proceedings, Nagib Tajdin expresses to global jamati institutional leaders and millions of murids that his Cult was blessed with a mandate of recording, compiling, printing, publishing and circulating Farmans. As proof, Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa mention this Mehmani incident in their Statements of Defence.   


Mehmani Incident in the Statement of Defences


Defendants Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa defy and attempt to prove that the Imam's position concerning consent in the Statement of Claim is false. Nagib Tajdin states: "The first Farman book that was published by this defendant was presented before its distribution and circulation to the Imam during Mehmani in Montreal on August 15, 1992. ...The Imam responded by placing His Hand on the Farman Book to continue the work (the publication of His Farmans) with blessing for the success in the work undertaken, and stated that the other work could be undertaken together with the Imam" (para 11). Alnaz states “that the Aga Khan personally gave His consent and blessings to the publication of these Farman books on August 15, 1992 and also stated then to 'continue' the work" (para 5). 


It is not a coincidence that Defendant Alnaz Jiwa, a lawyer by profession, fails to offer clarity on WHO presented this Mehmani, and the CONTEXT in which the Imam allegedly said: "...continue the work". 


Defendant Nagib Tajdin gives a completely false impression that HE was the one who presented this mehmani and that HE was the recipient of this alleged rumour-consent-authorization. This is patently misleading. Throughout the years, I have been personally aware that Nagib Tajdin is not the one who  presented this Mehmani; it was Karim Alidina Allibhay of Montreal.


Karim Allibhay is a follower of NT Cult. Evidence leads me to infer that he had played a major role in Nagib Tajdin's rebellion against Ismaili leadership over the photograph issue in 1991. Moreover, there is cast-iron proof that Karim Allibhay was caught red-handed while he was transporting an audio-recorder device during the 1997 Lisbon deedar.


Again, like any cult leader, Nagib Tajdin is not immune from manufacturing bizarre stories. In his Statement of Defence, Nagib Tajdin alleges that the Imam told the unidentified individual (I know for a fact that it is Karim Allibhay) to continue publishing Farman Books. This is patently untrue. The truth is that this is merely Nagib Tajdin's fictional interpretation of the Mehmani incident. Karim Allibhay presented the Farman book; the Imam placed His hand on the plate and allegedly on the Book. From this hand gesture, Nagib Tajdin concluded that he could now supersede the Ismaili Constitution and the relevant laws pertaining to the given lawsuit by operating under the umbrella of secrecy.


Post-Mehmani Development


After the Mehmani incident, Nagib Tajdin started to manipulate potential followers. What eventuated were various followers who preferred to be governed by NT Cult doctrines rather than the Ismaili Constitution. Among those who were mesmerized by Karim Allibhay's alleged rumour-consent were individuals like Layla Dharsee, Husayn Dharsee, Fateh Dhalla, Alnaz Jiwa and others.  After pledging allegiance to the Cult, its leader and followers embarked on a mission to record Farmans. They secretly smuggled audio recorders into deedar halls and in so doing, created a lot of disturbances in many parts of the world. The very first audio cassette was seized through my efforts; security presented this as evidence to authority. The other audio cassettes were caught through the efforts of my friends, students and family. The NT cult followers openly and shamelessly defied the jamati institutional leaders including Mukhis and Kamadias, the Representatives of Mawlana Hazar Imam. Let me provide a few instances.


The Cult of Nagib Tajdin Causes Disturbance in London, 1994

During Mawlana Hazar Imam's visit in August 1994, the Dharsees (Husayn & Layla Dharsee) had caused a disturbance in London. Full time security resources were allocated to monitor their anti-Ismaili activities. When the husband and wife were caught selling Nagib Tajdin's version of Farman books (red and green books entitled Kalaame Imame Zaman) in the deedar hall premises, the security asked them to cease their activity forthwith. Layla and Husayn Dharsee, along with their two children Al-Karim and Fatima, preferred silent defiance; they kept on selling these books secretly. They were then caught red handed for smuggling tape recorders inside the deedar hall. Another person from India, Qasim Sadiwala, was also caught after he had recorded the Farman. 


The Cult of Nagib Tajdin Cause Disturbance in Dar es Salaam, 1997

In 1997, Husayn Dharsee caused a disturbance in Dar-es-Salaam. Under the direction of Mukhi/Kamadia Sahebs, several announcements were made. They directed that under no circumstances were any audio/video devices permitted in the deedar hall. Nagib Tajdin's faithful disciple, Husayn Dharsee acted against the orders of the Representatives of the Imam. During the security check, Husayn Dharsee was caught red-handed. The Aiglemont staff seized Husayn Dharsee's audio devices. Upon further search, the security seized other Farman tapes which Husayn Dharsee had previously recorded during Kampala Visit. Some of the security members were so upset that they were almost ready to arrange Husayn Dharsee's deportation from Tanzania. This did not happen as some leaders expressed pity on Husayn Dharsee.


The Cult of Nagib Tajdin Cause Disturbance in Lisbon, Imamat Day, 1998

During the Lisbon Darbar, Freny (wife of Nagib Tajdin), Karim Alidina Allibhay and Layla Dharsee were once again ready to cause disturbances by trying to smuggle tape recorders inside the deedar hall. To defend the interests of Hazar Imam, the Council for Portugal was forced to level with Nagib Tajdin's six years ongoing anti-Ismaili activities. Security was successful in seizing a few hidden audio-recording devices from Nagib Tajdin's followers. But the Jamat, as usual, had to suffer because of Nagib Tajdin's defiance and arrogance. Freny and Karim were searched and caught red-handed with tape-recording devices. 

Shortly after, Nagib Tajdin wrote,

“ due time, they will have their answers. This is a promise. And you know I have at heart to keep my promises.” - Source: Alnaz Jiwa's Ilm-net July 20th 1998


When the Imam was about to give deedar to Maputo, Mozambique Jamat, Nagib Tajdin wrote,

“TWIMC (To whom it may concern): let us see if you are as inefficient as in Lisbon. Nag.” - Source: Alnaz Jiwa's Ilm-net August 10th 1998


“And Draupadi [Freny Nagib Tajdin] has a message for him too, that she will be waiting with patience to see his fate at Kurukshatr when the time comes.”  - Source: Alnaz Jiwa's Ilm-net July 25th 1998



Concluding Remarks

The Karim Allibhay rumour-consent is so intense that the followers of NT Cult have developed an obsession which has clouded their ability to use common-sense. So far, they have rejected the Ismaili Constitution, the claims of Jamati Institutional leaders, the claims of Leaders' International Forum, the Imamat communications, Mawlana Hazar Imam's legal Statement of Claim and a sworn notarized Affirmation. Moreover, it is the same Karim Allibhay rumour which has provided them with a blueprint of becoming not only crusaders but also martyrs characterized by defiance and arrogance. These fanatical followers have openly defied the appointed Jamati leaders and Representatives of the Imam by secretly smuggling audio recording devices into the deedar halls and caused immense disturbances; now they have launched their attack on the Imam-of-the-Time dressed in the attire of loyal murids.   


If my readers think that Nagib Tajdin and his Cult will stop battling with their Imam, then I say to them: "Re-Think: Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa are very likely to engage in unimaginable acts". A hint of this sort has recently been signalled on Nagib Tajdin's website. A post dated May 22 was displayed on and I reproduce this as it appeared: Nagib Tajdin is portrayed as a hero fighting all the enemies of Ismaili Faith and claims that an Armageddon is imminent, in fact a matter of a few days:


“There is only one Imam, when he takes his Zulfikar Tarwal , many heads will fall but before this happens many more tests will happen and many people will be led astray.

Truthful people will be called liars and liars will be called truthful. All this has been predicted in ginans… Few more days! Meanwhile let the people who do not think believe whatever they want…


In Mahabharat, all the administration and army of Krishna was fighting against Arjun and Khrishna.. Though Krishna himself allowed his administration and army to fight. There are lessons to be learned in history”


In 1998, Nagib Tajdin had likened his wife to Draupadi, a heroine of Mahabharat. In 2010, Nagib Tajdin is compared to Arjun; the rest of the fanatics such as Alnaz Jiwa, Layla Dharsee, Fateh Dhalla, Shamshu Mulji, etc. are fighting the enemies by being on the side of Arjun who is dressed in the garb of Nagib Tajdin. This type of thinking and talks are truly features of a cult leader.    


Although Nagib Tajdin likes the story of Mahabharat so much, he is utterly ignorant of one basic fact: The Imam has initiated a lawsuit and the entire global leadership and Jamats are on the side of the Imam. Only a handful of fanatics like Alnaz Jiwa are on the side of cult leader Nagib Tajdin.  


After 18 years of secrecy, the Zulfikar of Imam did draw the cult leader Nagib Tajdin out of the closet. For the first time in 18 years, Nagib Tajdin is forced to confess that he led this Farman project by positing unconditional faith in the alleged rumour-consent of Karim Allibhay. But this is only part of the story. Nagib Tajdin has yet to confess the whole truth by introducing "Karim Allibhay". Solicitors can only assess this alleged rumour-consent when Karim Allibhay - who has been hiding like a green snake in green grass for some 18 years - comes out from the closet.  Let the Zulfikar draw Karim Alidina out of the closet.   



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