Aga Khan Lawsuit
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    Defendant Alnaz Jiwa


    Defendant Nagib Tajdin


    Holy War of Nagib Tajdin

    - Fictional Mahabharata -

    Sept. 11, 2011


    Battling Lunacy


    Some veiled fanatics who support Nagib Tajdin's cause broadcasted on NT's propaganda machined (website) that a so-called mahabharata or holy war is taking place between the two forces: Righteousness vs. Wickedness. "Righteousness" is allegedly championed by the officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa and Nagib Tajdin. In stark contrast, "Wickedness" is spearheaded by law firms and solicitors His Highness has retained. NT's website characterized His Highness' senior solicitor Mr. Brian Gray as arch-villain! 



    NT told his fanatics that His Highness was certainly not the Plaintiff and predicted that in the final analysis, the Court of Canada will announce victory of Alnaz Jiwa, Nagib Tajdin and their veiled supporters. At that time the self-appointed prophet predicted that "all the fraudsters will be taken to task."


    The Court of Canada slamed the officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa and NT with a catastrophic blow and declared victory of His Highness. 


    After the Court delivered its historic Judgment in favour of Highness, the Imam immediately addressed all His followers who reside in USA, Canada, England and Kenya through a highly honoured, powerful and most sacred form of communication known as talika, a written religious address. This talika reiterated that His Highness was the sole Plaintiff and that the spurious allegations of fraud and forgery made by AJ and NT were "unfounded". The Imam vindicated all His Institutional leaders and the entire legal entourage of Norton Rose and their solicitors from the false and malicious propaganda manufactured by the officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa and Nagib Tajdin. 


    The leader of the cult Nagib Tajdin commanded his loyal fanatics not to listen to the Imam-of-the-Time's talika as this sacred communication too was from an impostor who posed as the Imam-of-the Time!  Veiled Fanatics like kanize, kachoomber, Mahebub Chatur and others prostrated to the LIES masterminded by the officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa and Nagib Tajdin. With respect to the Imam's talika, Nagib Tajdin told the Court as follows:   



    "Recently, after the Judgment was granted by Justice Harrington... a message purporting to be from the Imam (another forged document) was read publicly humiliate and to incite the congregation and our families to put aggressive pressure and/or intimidate us." (emphasis added)



    Besides the talika, Nagib Tajdin's loyal fanatics disregarded His Highness' two Imamat letters which were addressed to NT; His Highness' notarized Affirmation; Prince Amyn's email to NT; two announcements which were made throughout the Ismaili world by His Highness' Leaders' International Forum. 


    The indoctrinated group of lunatics suggested that the highly reputable law firms Norton Rose and Ogilvy Renault along with their solicitors and agent(s) are allegedly orchestrarting a grand criminal conspiracy by representing an impostor-imam even though each court document explicitly states that the sole Plaintiff is "His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan". 


    The ultra fanatics who support Nagib Tajdin and the officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa suggest that the following sacred and legal documents have originated from an impostor who poses as the Imam-of-the-Time: 



    His Highness' First Letter: Read »

    His Highness' Second Letter: Read »

    Prince Amyn's Communication: Read »

    LIF's First Announcement: Read »

    LIF's Second Announcement: Read »

    His Highness' Sworn Affirmation: Read »



     A rapid overview of the actual historical epic of Mahabharata will assist in penetrating into a world of lunacy whose master architect is none other than Nagib Tajdin.



    Historical Mahabharata


    The epic of Mahabharata recounts the rivalry between five heroic Pandava brothers and the Kaurava clan which was headed by Duryodhana. This rivalry culminated in a great battle in which Lord Krishna sided with the Pandava brothers. One of the Pandava brothers was the great warrior and hero called Arjun. During the Mahabharat, Krishna served as Arjun's charioteer. Before the battle ignited, two armies came face-to-face at a place called Kurukshetra. At this battlefield, Lord Krishna delivered a powerful sermon to great Arjun which millions of Hindus revere it as the sacred Bhagavad Gita. Pandava represented the forces of righteousness whereas Kaurava the forces of wickedness. Duryodhana was the arch-rival of Arjun. Shakuni, Duryodhana's maternal uncle, was depicted as the arch-villain.



    NT's Fictional Mahabharata


    The fanatical supporters of Nagib Tajdin have come to believe that the Aga Khan lawsuit T-514-10 is a climax of a so-called Mahabharata, battle of Righteousness versus Wickedness. NT's propaganda machine (website portrayed Nagib Tajdin as the so-called Arjun of the 21st century who is fighting all alleged enemies of His Highness the Aga Khan.  In 1998, Nagib Tajdin had likened his wife Freny Ramzan Manji to Draupadi (wife of Arjun). Some of the absolutely deranged fanatics in NT's cult claimed that an Armageddon was imminent. The rest of the fanatics and/or John Doe defendants are serving in the army of Nagib Tajdin.



    In stark contrast, His Highness' solicitor Brian Gray and all those who are on His Highness' side represent wickedness. Gray is allegedly governing an evil empire ("evil empire" words were used by Gray in an Ottawa courtoom on October 12, 2010). On NT's website, Gray has explicitly been demonized as "Shakuni", an arch-villain and uncle of Duryodhana.



    Nagib Tajdin's website has likened the battlefield imagery to His Highness' court discovery! In the historical Mahabharata, the two armies had met at the battlefield place called Kurukshetra. This is where Lord Krishna had blessed the great Arjun and provided him with sacred guidance. In Nagib Tajdin's fictional mahabharata, some fanatics insist that the venue of His Highness' court discovery was the Kurukshetra or the battlefield site!  The head of the army representing the Pandavas in NT's fictional mahabharata is none other than Nagib Tajdin himself. By his side is the officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa. In contrast, the wicked army is represented by His Highness' solicitor Brian Gray and Institional leaders!



    During the court discovery (battlefield of Kurukshetra), His Highness allegedly blessed Nagib-ARJUN-Tajdin & Alnaz-PANDAVA-Jiwa. What an insult to the exalted and invincible Arjun and his noble pandava brothers.  


    How can anyone battle with LUNACY


    Nagib Tajdin's Propaganda website broadcasted the following:


    May 22, 2010

    “There is only one Imam, when he takes his Zulfikar Tarwal, [Legendary Sword of Imam-Caliph `Ali ibn Abu Talib] many heads will fall but before this happens many more tests will happen and many people will be led astray. "


    "Truthful people will be called liars and liars will be called truthful. All this has been predicted in ginans… Few more days! Meanwhile let the people who do not think believe whatever they want…


    "In Mahabharat, all the administration and army of Krishna was fighting against Arjun and Khrishna.. Though Krishna himself allowed his administration and army to fight. There are lessons to be learned in history”



    Nov. 4, 2010


    "[MAHABHARAT] It was basically a war of truth and lie, Justice vs. Injustice and good vs. Evil..."; "The dialogue took place in the center of the battlefield of Kurukshetra with 2 opposite armies present on either side and Arjun on the chariot with his charioteer being Lord Krishna in the middle visible by both the parties when Lord Krishna shows His 'Noorani' swarup [Holy Glimpse] to Arjun who was so very much distraught by the situation of the war that was soon to begin."


    "The meeting of Hazar Imam and Guidance in the legal setting [His Highness's court discovery] between 2 opposite parties and Gray (The mean uncle of Duryodhan) A very exceptional situation somehow mimics the settings of 'Farmans of Geeta' Nagib [Tajdin] is the courageous and a very smart yet extremely devoted Momin [follower] of Mawla [His Highness] simulating the character of Arjun really encouraged by Mawla to continue the fight of good over evil? (Though not in clear words) (may be Nagib felt the words)"


    "May be Mawla [His Highness] appeared [in Court Discovery] just to encourage and guide him [Nagib Tajdin] for continuing his tough fight against the unjust and manipulative leaders? Only Nagib and Alnaz experienced the guidance in his “Noor” even in just few words and indicators."


    August 9, 2010


    His Highness wrote two letters to Nagib Tajdin. These letters were sent out to NT through His Highness' personal secretaries. NT told the Court that His Highness' letters dated January 24 & February 18, 2010 had been forged by an impostor(s). During his cross-examination, NT acknowledged that he had received the second Imamat Communication through His Highness' secretary named Ms. Anne-Valerie Moreaux. By asserting that His Highness' letters were allegedly forged, Nagib Tajdin told the Court that he is protecting His Highness! To be more accurate, Nagib Tajdin stated that he is the "only" person protecting the interests of His Highness! 


    While referring to His Highness' second and last letter, Mr. Brian Gray questioned Nagib Tajdin:


    GRAY: "...Aiglemont sent you this one?


    NAGIB TAJDIN: "Yes. Isn't that interesting?"


    GRAY: "Isn't that interesting?" She must be in the conspiracy, too, right?"

    "Along with Michelle Parkes."


    NAGIB TAJDIN: "No, I think Michelle Parkes did not want to go and send another forged letter, and she probably refused."


    GRAY: "I see. So, therefore, they got another person to send a forged letter?"


    NAGIB TAJDIN: "Yes." ....


    GRAY: "So, now we have another person participating in the cover-up?"

    NAGIB TAJDIN: "It is not for me to judge how much a person will or will not."


    GRAY: "...Can you produce the original of this letter [18th February]?"..."Can you produce that letter?"


    NAGIB TAJDIN: "It is the same answer as for the other letter [24 Jan., 2010]."


    GRAY: "So, a matter of this importance, when you are asserting forgery, you are not going to produce for me to review, or for my expert to review, the original of either this letter, Exhibit 5, or the original of Exhibit 3?"


    NAGIB TAJDIN: "No. I will not, ...Why do you need to see the original of the forged letter? You ask the Aga Khan. He is your client."


    GRAY: "I have asked the Aga Khan."

    "He has told you in writing, the letter is not forged"


    "And you [Nagib Tajdin] don't accept that. You might expect that he might be a little annoyed that you have accused all of the various..."


    NAGIB TAJDIN: "Mr. Brian, by saying that this letter is forged, I am protecting the Aga Khan. Come on, he cannot be angry at me. He should be happy at me that at least, I am trying to protect his interests. IN THIS WHOLE FILE [Lawsuit T-514-10], I AM THE ONLY ONE TRYING TO PROTECT HIS INTERESTS. Come on." [emphasis added) - Source: Transcript of Cross-examination of Nagib Tajdin p. 38 to 42.


    NT told the Court that a "Usurper Plaintiff" had filed the lawsuit in the name of His Highness! NT suggested that Brian Gray was committing a fraud on Court of Canada. Although NT boasted that he was the "only" hero allegedly protecting His Highness, NT proved a coward as he declined to respond to Gray's challenge.




    Can you tell the Court I am committing Fraud on Court



    GRAY: "You [NAGIB TAJDIN] were sued by a Statement of Claim in the Federal Court T0514-10, dated April 6, 2010?"


    "And if it is not from His Highness, I have essentially committed a fraud on the court, haven't I?"


    NAGIB TAJDIN: "I don't know. I am not a lawyer; I am sorry."


    GRAY: "I have produced evidence to you, that you don't believe that I represent His Highness, Aga Khan. If, in fact, I am not representing His Highness, I am committing a fraud on the court, aren't I?"


    NAGIB TAJDIN: "I am not going to reply to this."


    GRAY: "But you agree with me that if, indeed, the Statement of Claim does come from His Highness, that it also says you are not authorized to publish the materials that you have published?"


    NAGIB TAJDIN: "If the Statement of Claim comes from the Aga Khan, as you say, it is so degrading to the Aga Khan that doesn't really take hold in my brain."


    GRAY: "But you were saying that it is degrading to the Aga Khan. That is something, I believe, that to me, sound awfully defamatory, but nevertheless, that is your words."


    GRAY: "...there are a lot of people involved who either are duped or confused or in a conspiracy, are there not? Shafik Sachedina, obviously he is the main one in your mind. Michelle Parkes, Anne-Valerie Moreaux, Genevieve..." - source: p. 76, 77 of Transcript of Cross-Examination of Nagib Tajdin



    His Highness' Affirmation


    To counter the spurious allegations of fraud and forgery, His Highness released a notarized affirmation which was executed on May 12, 2010 in the presence of Mr Daniel Gleason, a highly reputed senior American solicitor and Ms Jenifer Coleman, a paralegal. Among other statements, His Highness clearly asserted that he is the sole Plaintiff in the action T-514-10 and that he does not consent and has never consented to Alnaz Jiwa, Nagib Tajdin or any other John Does to publish his Farmans. To support His Highness, Gleason and Coleman provided their affidavits which state that they indeed witnessed His Highness sign the Affirmation. Let us see how Nagib Tajdin reacts:



    Gray: "...if the Aga Khan tells you in writing not to do it [publish Farmans]; you won't accept it, even if a million people confirm that that is the Aga Khan's writing?


    Nagib Tajdin: "Even if ten million [10,000,000] people..."


    Gray: "He [Gleason] says he [His Highness] was there in his affidavit"


    Nagib Tajdin: "He [Gleason] says he was there, but today, you know, with the identity theft, so many things can happen."


    Gray: "Right, but you are not choosing to cross-examine him to find out whether he..."


    Nagib Tajdin: "There is no need. What is important is the signature is not from the Aga Khan. Why would I ever bother wasting my time?"


    Gray: "So you don't want to examine Mr. Gleason to see if there was somebody who looked like the Aga Khan appeared? You don't want to ask him..."


    Nagib Tajdin: "There is no need for that. I was not there."



    August 22, 2011


    One year after his cross-examination, librarian-umed (most likely Nagib Tajdin himself) broadcasted the following fictional mahabharata update on Nagib Tajdin's Propaganda website:




    "The point is that Imam confirmed on 15 October 2010 his consent and his instruction which Nagib was saying since the beginning."



    "By manipulating the process and the transcript Gray was able to confuse the people. That was first round."



    "Second round is coming soon. This time, Imam will say it for the whole world to know that he still remembers very well his instructions that he gave to Defendant to continue publishing farmans.. And then that will be the end of all the games they have played on the Defendants and on the Imam. And all the fraudsters will be taken to task. The Imam once said that there is an accounting. The Quran speaks about accounting."



    "People of the Truth have always been a minority. Being part of the majority of those who may be against Alnaz [Jiwa] or Nagib [Tajdin] does not guaranty them that they are on the Path of Truth."



    September 16, 2011


    On September 16th, 2011 librarian-umed [most likely Nagib Tajdin himself] says:


    "Nagib [Tajdin] has already said that the Imam was clear about the consent he gave in 1992 [to Karim Alibhay] for continuing the publication of Farmans. The search for truth ended on 15 October 2010 and now they [Alnaz Jiwa & Nagib Tajdin] know that Hazar Imam [His Highness] is not the plaintiff."





    The so-called second round of Nagib Tajdin did materialize but the prophecies worked against him. Three judges from the Court of Appeal took Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa to task! The Federal Court of Appeal tossed Nagib Tajdin's and Alnaz Jiwa's appeals in trash. Next the defendants knocked the door of Supreme Court of Canada. The highest Court of the land responded that they were not interested in listening to their absurd appeals; thus their applications for leave to appeal were forever tossed in the trash of legal system.


    Covert Attacks on His Highness' Absolute Imamat Rights


    Evidence clearly suggests that after being crushed and humiliated in the court of law - Alnaz Jiwa and Nagib Tajdin are bent in carrying-out covert attacks against Imamat's absolute rights. For instance, Nagib Tajdin wrote that he and Alnaz Jiwa are committed in infringing His Highness' copyright till their 'last breath"! But Alnaz Jiwa and Nagib Tajdin are not alone; a group of infringers (Jihadists or Mahabharatists) are secretly supporting Nagib Tajdin's and Alnaz Jiwa's anti-Imamat cause. 



    Mahebub Alam Chatur aka BLOGLAW


    Mahebub Chatur of London, England has come out in the open who is championing the cause of Nagib Tajdin while the other John Doe defendants and supporters remain hidden. To learn more about Chatur, please refer to Harassing Ismailis - A New Radical Comes out of the Closet - Mahebub Alam Chatur aka BLOGLAW


    In his affidavit dated Septemeber 16, 2011, Nagib Tajdin told the Court that Mahebub Chatur does not believe that His Highness is the Plaintiff! Simply put, Chatur does not believe in any of the legal documents His Highness presented to the Court nor the Talika (Royal Address) His Highness had sent to his followers residing in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Kenya.





    "I [NAGIB TAJDIN] am surprised that the Jamat [Community of 15 Million] has not yet taken it seriously to REVOLT against people forging Imam's signature. [...]" (emphasis added; Nagib Tajdin's propaganda website, August 7, 2012) 















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