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His Highness Expresses Displeasure



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"A Symbol of Continued Defiance"


A Humble Plea

"Boycott Nagib Tajdin's" 

To lure individuals to his website, Nagib Tajdin uses the term "Ismaili" - a website has provided copyright materials of His Highness as well as others. For years, he had remained hidden; he was not even prepared to admit that he was the owner of this website.


On Jan. 28, 1997 Nagib Tajdin asserted on his co-defendant Alnaz Jiwa's Ilm-net forum: "[...] I do not own the Heritage [] site nor maintain it." Even then, it was common knowledge among many that Nagib Tajdin was a liar. It was on this net that he had displayed Farmans (copyright materials of His Highness) he had stolen; pictures he had no authority to post; ginans he had no authority to publish - in simpler word, Nagib Tajdin has been defying the Ismaili Constitution for years!



No Ismaili would have the audacity to exploit on the term "ismaili".  This is Imam's sole prerogative. Common-sense alone should dictate that no one should encourage Nagib Tajdin by visiting his website. Particularly when the entire Community of millions, media and public at large are now fully aware that Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa are battling against His Highness in court on the basis of fictional mehmani-consent fabricated by Karim Allibhai of Montreal.  To obstruct His Highness from defending His rights, Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa also fabricated spurious allegations fo fraud and forgery.     


Worst: Nagib Tajdin's propaganda machine is replete with slanderous & blasphemous posts. This is where Alnaz Jiwa suggested that His Highness appoints "Yazids"; This is the website where Nagib Tajdin has asserted that His Highness is implicated in the alleged fraud which is being orchestrated by Norton Rose and their solicitors! This is the website where Alnaz Jiwa argued that if His Highness was "the plaintiff, real plaintiff" then this makes" His Highness "an incompetent, grossly incompetent person, not worth of worshipping".

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But more importantly, Nagib Tajdin's website had invoked His Highness' displeasure even before He had initiated legal steps against Nagib Tajdin, Alnaz Jiwa and hidden supporters. Thereafter, Nagib Tajdin's website has been used as medium of broadcasting nothing but lies against His Highness' Institutional leaders, His Highness' solicitors and law firm He has retained, etc. 


The IMAM's displeasure was explicitly expressed in his letter dated January 24, 2010. This letter which bears the crest of IMAMAT was submitted to the Federal Court of Canada as an exhibit demonstrating Nagib Tajdin's blatant infringement of His Highness' copyright as well as an unprecedented breach of the Imam-of-the-Time's absolute right.  In essence, this is a grave attack on IMAMAT by Nagib Tajdin, Alnaz Jiwa and their veiled supporters. 


In spite of His Highness' displeasure, Nagib Tajdin's or heritage continues to exist. This is yet another proof of Nagib Tajdin's blatant defiance against His Highness.


15 MILLION Ismailis should be aware of the foregoing facts. 

At least read the IMAM's letters and educate your brothers and sisters. Please request them to never visit Nagib Tajdin's website; request them to STOP forwarding emails with links to luring individuals to download copyright materials in the form of ginans, wa'z, etc. 

15 MILLION should do everything in their powers to ensure that Nagib Tajdin's website is never visited again by any member of the Community. Let the collective effort of millions unleash.



His Highness Letters

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Prince Amyn Aga Khan

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His Highness Leaders' International Forum Announcements

His Highness authorized His Leaders' International Forum to make announcements in all Ismaili Jamatkhanas (prayer halls) about Nagib Tajdin's and his secretive group's unprecedented defiance.  Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa both disregarded the two announcements.

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