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Harassing Ismailis

- A New Radical Comes out of the Closet -

Mahebub Chatur aka Bloglaw

By: Karim Tajdin

- August 23, 2011 -


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Another fanatic emerges from the shadows.  Mahebub Alam Chatur of London (England) – a man with a questionable history – recently wrote two highly offensive letters to Mawlana Hazar Imam. Chatur had the audacity to attempt to educate and advise the Imam regarding Imamat rights, responsibilities & matters pertaining to the Imam's lawsuit against Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa.  Let me repeat that.  Chatur is a shameless radical who is attempting to lecture the Imam about His rights and responsibilities about a legal undertaking.  The Imam did not respond to any of the letters.


Chatur's repulsive letters are being publicly displayed on his good friend's (Nagib Tajdin) propaganda machine, a website called (Heritage).  Chatur boasts of his own “leadership” in one of the letters, while  expressing, in his own words, “love, brotherhood and affection” for Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa in the very next paragraph.  Never does he bother questioning ANYTHING about Nagib and Alnaz – the latter of whom violently smashed a hard plate over an Ismaili's head (this act can kill a person) and spilled blood within Jamat Khana.  Rather, Chatur has decided to act as a personal financer for Nagib and Alnaz, offering money on their behalf.  You'll have to excuse many of us for not showing “love” and “affection” to individuals who commit potentially fatal acts of assault within the walls of Jamat Khana, not to mention, defy the Imam.  


Chatur has also engaged in a campaign of harassing and badgering eminent leaders in person, through official letters, and via his (almost definitely) cyberspace alias, named “Bloglaw”.  These leaders serve at the pleasure of the Imam, and with His guidance, attempt to do their part in helping solve the most pressing issues of our time.  In consideration of the aforementioned, I would like to nominate Chatur as a candidate for Nagib's cult: he would make a formidable member. Another reason Chatur should be given full membership to Nagib's cult is that he can be more deceitful than the famous magician Houdini. What follows is an unofficial response to Chatur's self-proclaimed “leadership”. A quick summary of the Imam's lawsuit will be a helpful starting point.   


Infringement and Judgement: A Very Brief Summary

Dec. 2009 - Aug. 2011

Roughly twenty months ago, Nagib Tajdin, Alnaz Jiwa (henceforth referred to as NT and AJ respectively) and their supporters openly contravened the Ismaili Constitution and breached the copyright of Mawlana Hazar Imam by publishing, selling and circulating a book entitled "Farmans 1957-2009 -Golden Edition Kalam-E Imam-E Zaman" which contains 589 Farmans and 77 Talikas (Infringing Materials).  NT broke a promise he had personally given in October 1998, to two high ranking representatives of the Imam, and embraced a path of defiance. 

In light of this defiance, the Imam's wishes, and the illegal nature of NT's activities, Institutional leaders did everything in their powers to re-persuade NT and company to give up contravening the Ismaili Constitution and violating the Imam's copyright.  But NT wasn't amenable to solving this problem in a rational and diplomatic manner.  Subsequently, the Imam directly wrote to NT asserting that he and his supporters had committed a "Serious and absolutely unacceptable breach of the Imam's right and responsibility". This letter bore the crest of IMAMAT. It demanded that within "72 hours" of receiving the Imam's communication, NT must immediately cease his operation of publishing and circulating Farmans. The Imam cautioned that there would be no room "whatsoever for any compromise in this matter". NT disregarded all Imamat communications as well as Prince Amyn's email.  NT's radical behavior intensified.


Mawlana Hazar Imam then initiated a copyright infringement action against NAGIB TAJDIN, ALNAZ JIWA, JOHN DOE & DOE CO.  Publicly available court documents reveal NT and AJ's ignorance, defiance, malicious actions, and sheer stupidity.  In the midst of the court proceedings, we were supposed to believe that there was a vast conspiracy ranging from the Imam's personal secretary, to Brian Gray, to the courtroom clerk, and too many others to list.  NT & AJ's theories were comical at best.  Thus it wasn't surprising that on January 7th, 2011, The Honourable


Justice Harrington delivered a Judgment in favor of the Imam. The Court granted the Imam with the relief He rightfully sought. NT & AJ are currently appealing this Judgment on the grounds that the judge of Federal Court of Canada was incompetent, unknowledgeable about the law and biased towards the Imam. 


Mahebub Chatur

"Coming Out of the Closet"

The John Doe Defendants and other cult members are NT's loyal and devoted veiled agents who have yet to be exposed, but one radical has been identified.  Mahebub Chatur is crusading in favor of NT. In his absurd and offensive letters to the Imam, Chatur writes "May it please...Your Highness", and then rambles on in a boring, anti-factual, anti-intellectual write-up to guide the IMAM.  Chatur is apparently an imbecile: It is we – the Ismaili community – who seek guidance from our Imam, not the other way around! 


It is remarkable that this easily understood tenet of our faith can't be grasped by Chatur, who proclaims that he has "requisite professional qualifications, experience and expertise" to render a professional, fair and objective analysis.  However, not only does Chatur seek to guide the Imam.  Wrapped in a delusion of arrogance, Chatur attempts to instruct the Imam to concede, and admit defeat to NT and AJ by settling on their terms - which are different from those in the Imam's original Statement of Claim.  Chatur suggests that his own personal wisdom supersedes that of the Imam.  Chatur enlightens the Plaintiff-Imam that copyright infringer NT has rendered "invaluable" services to leaders, scholars & waezin by publishing unauthorized Farman books. He has the audacity to imply that the Imam was WRONG in asserting that NT has committed a "Serious and absolutely unacceptable breach of the Imam's right and responsibility"!


The last two paragraphs are enough to brand this man as a complete fanatic.  But the insanity doesn't stop there.


Like a pathological stalker, Chatur isn't content with only harassing one person.  Initially posing as a genuine friend of Institutional leaders, Chatur ended up depicting them as traitors, thus insulting the Imam's institution.  We should remind ourselves that he has been constantly harassing and badgering eminent leaders in our institutions.  On one hand, he has accentuated a fundamental misunderstanding of even the most basic issues underlying the relevant case.  But acting within the ethic of our Faith, some of our leaders have repeatedly told  Chatur that the Imam has ordered Ismaili leadership that this case will remain within His domain, and that our Imam is aware of the issues that Chatur raises; but Chatur is free to write directly to the Imam (as he did on two occasions).  On the other hand, however, Chatur's arrogance impels him to give orders to eminent leaders, and instructs them with a vindictive tone on what they ought to do.  Leaders re-iterated that they serve at the Pleasure of the Imam, that the Imam as the Plaintiff has directed them that He will take the sole responsibility for the case. Apparently, Chatur never seems to understand that Ismailis follow the guidance of their Imam, and that the Leadership is responsible for carrying out the guidance that they receive, not directing our Imam.  But Chatur remains a disingenuous idiot. It is also important to note that the Imam has publicly defended his leadership and legal counsel - in a Talika and Court documents - during this exceedingly painful ordeal, but this too isn't enough to stop Chatur's ongoing harassment.  


There are countless instances that clearly reveal Chatur's so-called personal 'expertise', but let's take one telling example.  After bragging that he had "carefully read all the legal documents and all comments", Chatur concludes: "I, and no one understands why this case was filed".  This is extremely peculiar for at least  three reasons.  First, to claim that “no one” understands why this lawsuit was pursued is a blatant lie; there are LITERALLY MILLIONS.  Second, any goof with half a brain can understand why this case was pursued: if someone requests another individual to cease illegal activities against them, and the other individual fails to perform their legal responsibility, it's quite possible, and perhaps likely, that a legal battle will ensue.  Third, it's very strange that Chatur boasts about going through all the legal documentation, but doesn't cite EVEN ONE quote from the legal proceedings in his 70 page report.  My guess is that he is either lying, or so biased that he dares not refer to court documents that make NT and AJ look like clowns. 


It's important to point out that Chatur's belligerent attacks and harassment have been carried out in formal letters and also, in all likelihood, on the internet using the alias “Bloglaw”.  A credible source has confirmed that Chatur and the cyberspace individual named “Bloglaw” are the same person. Additionally, if one takes a look, the style, substance, and methods in their writings are identical.  “Bloglaw” is as much of a fanatic as Chatur: they are very likely the same person.  


So where does this leave Chatur?


Chatur's hallucination that he knows more than our Imam, and directly sending letters to the Imam telling him that He is wrong is an act of treason.  Chatur's continuous harassment and badgering of a co-operative leadership which serves at the pleasure of the Imam is, if not another act of treason, an act of arrogance so malicious that it is indeed difficult to match.  Chatur's “professional” analysis of the case is as intellectually credible as a report that argues that the shape of the Earth is flat.  Chatur's blatant rejection of Mawlana Hazar Imam's talika is discussed in Appendix 1. Chatur's concerns about editing Farmans have been clearly addressed in the court documents, which is strange considering that we've been told by Chatur that he has “studied all the court documentation” (Appendix 2).  Chatur's formal attempts to finance NT and AJ were directly addressed by the Imam's lawyer, Mr. Brian Gray (Appendix 3).


Chatur has conveniently ignored the fact that Mawlana Hazar is the Plaintiff. Chatur believes that Institutional leader(s) who pretends to be the IMAM has initiated and is prosecuting this lawsuit; believes that all Imamat communications, Imam's Affirmation and court documents are fraudulent; believes that even the Talika which was read in United Kingdom, USA, Canada and Kenya has been forged by an impostor; believes that the Imam's solicitor Mr. Brian Gray is committing a fraud on Federal Court of Canada; believes the Sworn Affirmation and the Affidavits of Mr. Daniel Gleason & Ms. Jennifer Colman are part of this so-called grand forgery.   


We return to the question, namely, where does this leave Chatur?  The answer is clear: NAGIBISM.  Chatur has clearly demonstrated that he's capable of treasonous activities, has no respect for the faith, believes in insane conspiracy theories, exhibits severe flaws in approaching matters with a sense of rationality, and is not shy to meddle in the personal affairs of the Imam.  All things considered, he is a fanatic who is bent on creating havoc within our peaceful and highly disciplined Jamat. A perfect individual to be welcomed with open arms on Planet Nagib, where they very well may crown him as His Holiness Chatur.  We can only hope that rather than engaging in constant harassment of our leaders, Chatur, NT, and AJ take classes on reasoning; though I would highly recommend a class on 'common sense' as a prerequisite.  And perhaps Chatur's money would be better spent on giving AJ access to some courses in anger management, as his assault could have killed an innocent Ismaili within the walls of Jamat Khana.  That would have been quite the accomplishment. 



Appendix 1: Imam's Talika

Appendix 2: Imam's Response on Editing Farmans

Appendix 3: Imam's Clear Instructions on Court Cost


Appendix 1


Imam's Talika

Subsequent to Justice Harrington's Judgment, Mawlana Hazar Imam sent a talika mubarak which reiterated some of the assertions He has made throughout the 11-months court battle with Nagib Tajdin & Alnaz Jiwa: Imam is the Plaintiff; The integrity and sanctity of Imamat communications must always be safeguarded by the Imam-of-the-Time and there can never be a compromise in this matter; It is the Imam's absolute prerogative to agree on the content, the timing and the methodology of dissemination of his farmans, talikas or any other communications; these tasks must only be fulfilled by the Imam's chosen jamati institutions and whose leadership the Imam has appointed; This absolute prerogative of the Imam was breached by a group of individuals; In the face of an unprecedented defiance, the Imam initiated a legal action against the parties in question. The Imam emphatically and in explicit words enlightened the Jamats that the allegations of fraud and forgery NT and AJ had made against His eminent leaders, legal counsel and staff were "unfounded".


Nagib Tajdin told the court that this talika was "another forged document". Chatur who claims of having read all the legal documents and 2000 comments failed to read the most important and sacred document: TALIKA. In the eyes of a loyal murid, a talika is above any earthly document or a verdict. The con artist Chatur tells the leaders that he was deprived from listening to this talika as he was "not in Jamat Khana" on that particular day because he was travelling!


This sacred talika was read from 20th Jan. 2011 onwards till 1st week of Feb. in all Jamatkhanas of the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom and Kenya in English and subsequently translated in three languages French, Gujarati and Persian. I should emphasize that this sacred talika was and continues to be available for any murid to read. But Mahebub Alam Chatur could not find time to read this most important and sacred document for nearly 7 MONTHS!  Yet, this imbecile has the audacity to lecture the Imam on His rights and responsibilities with respect to the legal undertaking.


The fact of the matter is that Chatur's allegiance to the cult of NAGIBISM is so powerful that Chatur will surrender only to the dictates of cult leader Nagib Tajdin. Today, after 7 months' silence; Chatur broke his fast of silence not as Chatur but as Bloglaw! Through a miserly confession, Bloglaw asserted that the talika was not a talika from the Imam but it was most likely an "announcement" from eminent leaders who pretend to be the IMAM. As stated previously, Mahebub Alam Chatur is a fanatic who is bent on creating havoc within our Jamat. This Chatur must be leashed or else, he will continue to pose as a serious threat to the unity and peace of our Jamat.      


  Appendix 2


Imam's Response on Editing Farmans


During his court battle with Mawlana Hazar Imam, Alnaz Jiwa told the Court that the Imam's chosen and appointed Institutional leaders "had failed to fulfil the mandate previously given to them for the publications of the Farmans." (para. 27); "in recent years the Institutional leaders have not only failed to make the Farmans available to the Jamats, but they also insist on editing the Farmans." (para. 45); "Some institution leaders have failed to abide by the Constitution" (para 47); "Institutional leaders do not abide by the Constitution and are also resisting to abide by the Imam's Guidance" (para. 66). The Imam categorically denied each and every allegation Alnaz Jiwa has made. Some excerpts drawn from the Imam's Reply to the Court read:

"As has been his systematic practice for many years, the Aga Khan often annotates and edits his texts in accordance with established criteria and well established guidelines before any publication of them." (Statement of Claim, para 23);


"With respect to paragraphs...44...47...of the Defence [of Alnaz Jiwa], the Plaintiff [His Highness The Aga Khan] reviews and edits his literary works as he sees fit and denies that he is not permitted to do so. ... the Plaintiff does send the reviewed and edited Farmans to the ITREB to supersede the oral Farmans." (Response, para. 22);


"... the Plaintiff  denies all allegations made against the Institutional leaders. The Plaintiff has the right to review and edit his Farmans before they are published. The Plaintiff denies all allegations made against the Institutional leaders." (para. 19);


"In any event, the Defendant's [Alnaz Jiwa's] belief in any allegations against the Institutional leaders, which the Plaintiff [His Highness] denies as unfounded, is irrelevant to the legal matters at issue in the present proceeding." (para. 19);


"The ITREB and the Ismaili Council were, and are, acting on the express instructions of the Plaintiff." (para. 18)


The Imam has publicly asserted that He edits His Farmans and that the ITREB and Council have faithfully abided by Imam's instructions. Chatur challenges and defies the Imam by suggesting that the Imam is WRONG whereas he is right!  The rebel wrote to the Imam: "Farmans are edited by the leadership"; "Farmans, guidance and directions are not respected by some of the top Leaders." 


Appendix 3


Imam's Clear Instructions on Court Cost

Fully recognizing the IMAMAT's absolute right and responsibility, the Honourable Justice Harrington declared that Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa have infringed Mawlana Hazar Imam copyright and ordered them to pay the court cost of $30,000 to the Plaintiff-Imam. Chatur wrote that it was his "honour and a privilege" to make this charitable donation. He added that it was his and his wife`s wish that the Imam use this donation if the Imam is defeated against AJ and NT! One of the readers whose religious sentiments were deeply wounded remarked: "Who is this monkey sending alms to the Imam?" With respect to Chatur's charity, the Imam's senior solicitor Mr. Brian Gray responded to the Court as follows:


"His Highness has not cashed the check because the order (which the defendants requested and to which the plaintiff agreed) specifies that they were to pay the money for costs into court, which they have not done. While His Highness could waive that and take the money directly, the defendants should seek a variance of the order, if they wish to follow a different procedure than the procedure ordered by the court. Initially if the matter had been settled at the outset, His Highness would have considered waiving damages or profits. However since the Defendants have refused to stop, my instructions are clear. His Highness has made clear to me that he wishes to pursue all the remedies that the order envisages. It has been a feature of this case, that the Defendants [NT & AJ] think that they know what His Highness wants and do not believe, notwithstanding numerous evidence to the contrary, that His Highness is directing this case as to the relief that he is seeking. As his solicitors of record in this matter, I can assure the court that these are his instructions. (emphasis added) - July 29, 2011






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