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Last Updated April 24, 2012

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    Imamat's Authority & Institutions under Attack


    - North America & Europe -


    After being severely disgraced by the Canadian legal system, NT, AJ and ultra fanatics seek to undermine His Highness' Authority - Authority which manifests in the appointments of His institutional leaders. Note: Alnaz Jiwa wrote that the core of Ismaili leadership is "rotten". 


    To further quench their thirst of vendetta and revenge in the wake of their public humiliation, Nagib Tajdin and Mahebub Chatur initiated disciplinary proceedings against some of the highest ranking Ismaili leaders in His Highness Prince Aga Khan Shia Imami Ismaili International Conciliation and Arbitration Borad and/or National Conciliation and Arbitration Board (ICAB & NCAB respectively).  Like the Canadian courts, ICAB and NCAB dismissed their complaints.


    Mahebub Chatur has been serving as an attack dog of Nagib Tajdin & Alnaz Jiwa since the very beginning of the lawsuit by wearing fake masks. Like an ultra-ultra intoxicated fanatice, Chatur constantly barks against anyone who defends His Highness' lawsuit on the grounds of legal documents, His Highness' sworn Affirmation, His Highness' communications, His Highness' Talika (written communication) and common-sense.  This Chatur who wears multiple fake masks (bloglaw, integrity, etc) is in the midst of threatening His Highness' institutions with legal action. 


    The likes of Chatur are also constantly slandering, ridiculing and mocking His Highness' institutions and His Highness' appointed institutional leaders virtually on a daily basis on NT's website. This is their NAMAZ.  One of them is a person who hides behind a mask of kachoombar. Some believe that he is Abdul Premji of Pickering, Toronto. At any rate, Abdul Premji has an identical mindset of Mahebub Chatur. Like Chatur, Abdul Premji, a relative of Nagib Tajdin, outright rejects the TALIKA of the Imam-of-the-Time as well all documents which support His Highness' lawsuit and victory.    


    In essence, Premji, Chatur and several veiled persons are defying the Authority of Imam-of-the-Time. They believe that they are waging a jihad and like those making headline news, these jihadists (warriors of NT's devilish cause) too prefer to remain in hiding. Read "Battling Lunacy - Nagib Tajdin's Holy War"


    Chatur has even threatened institutional leaders with legal action in Europe. This is not surprising as some ultra ultra fanatics have already initiated legal action in India.


    Battling Against His Highness' Institutions


    - India -


    The likes of Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa have started a legal action against His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan ITREB India through suit # 728 in the Bombay City Civil Court on 18th March, 2011.


    The Plaintiff on record is a certain Hussain Hassanali Dossani who goes to Darkhana Jamat in Mumbai, India. The person who represented Dossani is an individual by the name of Mansoorali Abdulrahim Noorani, an ultra fanatic. Like Mahebub Chatur, Noorani too is constantly slandering and harassing His Highness' highest ranking institutional leaders on Nagib Tajdin's website and elsewhere.


    Dossani most likely representing a cult of hidden supporters requested the Court of India to force His Highness' ITREB India to publish His Highness' copyright Farmans! The court dumped this complaint into a garbage can; now they are trying to attack on the credibility and validity of the Ismaili Constitution.


    There is reason to believe that Dossani and Noorani are not alone and that Dossani is simply serving as a representative of John Does who are hiding in Mumbai and other parts of India. At any rate, the timing of this lawsuit is significant to note as this revals the diabolical character of Dossani, Noorani and the rest of the cult supporters who are in hiding.  Dossani and Noorani initiated legal action after the following factual incident:


    1.    January 16, 2010:  Highness' Leaders' International Forum (LIF) had already made a worldwide announcement including in India that a group of individuals had breached His Highness' absolute rights by publishing Farmans and that each member should refrain from supporting these infringing activities. The LIF reminded that it was His Highness' sole prerogative to publish or not publish Farmans; 


    2.     April 6, 2010: His Highness initiated legal action and proceedings were in progress;


    3.     Jan. 20,  2011: In his capacity as the IMAM-of-the-TIME of 15 million Ismailis, His Highness wrote a Talika (written address) to His followers asserting that He was the sole Plaintiff in the above mentioned legal action; author of two Imamat Communications which were addressed to Nagin Tajdin; he had authorized the LIF to inform the worldwide Jamat to abstain from supporting the activities of the infringers, etc.   


    Like NT & AJ - Dossani, Noorani and the rest of veiled  fanatics residing in India blatantly disregarded all of the above and initiated legal action against His Highness' institution on 18th March of  2011. This is less than a month after the Imam had addressed tens of thousands of His followers through a talika 


    Defending His Highness' Institution


    - India -


    On 30th June, 2011, solicitors of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan ITREB told the court that complaint of Dossani was "vexatious" and "filed with ulterior motives".  Some excerpts read:


    "The Defendant is an institution established under the constitution Ordained by His Highness the Aga Khan in the capacity of being the 49th hereditary Imam of the Shia Ismaili Muslims for the social Governance of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslim community. The Defendant board is not an entity and can neither sue nor be sued as described in the plaint. The suit as filed is not maintainable and liable to be dismissed with costs"


    After 19 months, the Bombay Civil Court of Bombay tossed Dossani's and Noorani's malicious complaint in trash.  While this saga of defiance was taking place in India, NT and AJ were in the midst of battling with His Highness in Canada.


    The cult of India is currently challenging the Ismaili Constitution and is battling against the Council - CAB - ITREB, etc. Nagib Tajdin's website reported as follows on March 2, 2013:


    "The Cases in court in Mumbai Next hearing 20 March 2013;

    1 ITREB - not giving all Farmans, or constitution to the Jamats -

    2 NCAB Not acting and following our constitution, Farmans or the Law

    3 National Council - not following Farmans, the constitution or the law "


    The ultra fanatic Noorani wrote on NT's website on March 2, 2013 alleging that the defendants (Council for India, ITREB India and NCAB India) argued on 1st of March 2013 on matters of jurisdiction and the matter was adjourned till 20th March. Some extract from his propaganda read:


    (1) whether the defendants (ncab - itreb - national council ) along with their board members can act and func[t]ion as honorable court in our community ? if so under which provis[i]on of law?

    (2) can defendant no. 1 ( ncab) , in the name of " conciliation and arbitration board ", grant divorce - grant permission to divorce , to any of the spouses?"


    The master infringer Nagib Tajdin weighed in and wrote:


    "These are issues that may go as far as the Supreme Court.  But to start helping the Jamat worldwide, you need first a strong judgment from High Court that says that no Indian citizen can be subjected to any community Constitution such as the Ismaili Constitution [...]" - Nagib Tajdin's website, March 2, 2013  



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    15 Millions vs. the CULT of Nagib Tajdin 


    Proceedings which seek to identify the printer(s), John Doe defendants, distributors, purchasers and recipients of Infringing Materials, relevant documents, etc. to assess profits.







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