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Last Updated April 24, 2012

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    15 Millions vs. CULT of Ultra Fanatics

    It goes without saying that the Community of fifteen (15) million sided with their Imam (His Highness) and the rest of the civilized world; however, a small group of ultra fanatics continue to support the devilish cause championed by the officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa and Nagib Tajdin. These ultra fanatics have come to believe that a so-called jihad, holy war which they call it mahabharata is taking place.


    In his Statement of Claim issued on April 6, 2010, His Highness told the Court that hidden infringers "have caused damage to the Plaintiff through their publication, sale, reproduction and/or promotion of the Infringing Materials" (emphasis added). These veiled infringers are referred to as JOHN DOE, DOE CO & "all other persons or entities" who are reproducing, publishing and promoting Infringing Materials.


    But who are these hidden infringers?


    His Highness told the Court: "The specific identify of these unknown persons and/or companies is completely within the knowledge of the named Defendants [Alnaz Jiwa & Nagib Tajdin]"


    While championing the wicked cause of AJ and NT, most of the fanatics have transformed into green snakes hiding in green grass (NT's website). By using fake names, they avoid being detected and remain immune from both, disciplinary action and the wrath of the Community. These green snakes live and feed of NT's propaganda machine (website). For them Nagib Tajdin's words are final. Although they claim to be Ismailis, they reject all the following sacred and legal documents:


    1. Talika of the Imam-of-the-Time;


    2. Imam's notarized Affirmation;


    3. Two LIF's announcements which were authorized by the Imam;


    4. All legal documents the Imam has filed in the Court including his sworn Affirmation as well as several affidavits from solicitors and the highest ranking Ismaili leaders;


    5. Common-sense.


    In their slanders aimed at His Highness, Institutional leaders, solicitors and law firm His Highness has retained, some veiled supporters use the following fake names: kachoomber, kanize, bloglaw (integrity, imani), yasmin, asif, amir, abid, ebrahim, abdul, premji, concerned murid, etc. Nonetheless, the names of some veiled supporters who were either caught recording or distributing copyright materials of His Highness are as follows:


    1. Karim Allibhay of Montreal


    2. Husayn Dharsee of Toronto


    3. Layla Dharsee of Toronto


    4. Alnaz Jiwa of Toronto


    5. Shamshu Murji of Toronto (brother of NT's mom)


    6. Arzina Murji of Toronto


    7. Fatehali Dhalla of Vancouver


    8. Freny Nagib Tajdin of Nairobi and Montreal


    9. Kassim Kurban Sadiwalla 



    Nagib Tajdin's Website (Heritage)


    To lure individuals to his website, Nagib Tajdin uses the term "Ismaili". This propaganda machine is replete with slanderous & blasphemous posts. This is where the officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa suggested that His Highness appoints leaders comparable to "Yazid" who slaughtered Imam Husayn and his family some 1400 years back. This is where a veiled fanatic by the name of "Kanize" suggested that "Yazid" has reincarnated through His Highness' Institutional leaders. The same veiled Kanize also suggested that the Imam's talika has caused disturbance in the Jamat.

  is the website where Nagib Tajdin suggested that Norton Rose and their solicitors are committing an alleged fraud on court of Canada by representing an impostor! This is where the officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa asserted that if His Highness was "the plaintiff, real plaintiff then this makes" His Highness "an incompetent, grossly incompetent person, not worth of worshipping". Yet, Alnaz Jiwa has no shame in entering Jamatkhanas (Ismaili prayer halls)! Worst: a very few individuals openly associate with Alnaz Jiwa in prayer halls and allow themselves to be fed with diabolic propaganda. When these sympathizers are exposed, they feign "ignorance".


    Never Forget

    That the defense of NT and AJ was fuelled with sheer lunacy, extreme vendetta, fabrications and spurious allegations of fraud and forgery is now a historical reality. With the exception of Reference Proceedings, the core legal issues are officially over with. However, there is at least one fact that should never be forgotten.


    Before and during the court battle, Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa displayed no shame when making the most vile and insane allegations against His Highness, Norton Rose (law firm), institutional leaders, and prominent public figures. This devilish practice still continues unabated. In essence, they and their hidden supporters are undermining His Highness'


    As a result of this abominable behavior, many members of the community neither wish to associate with Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa, nor see their faces. As for the pain they have immensely caused, the disgusting lies they have propagated, and the threats they've uttered, some sort of civil, but serious consequences are merited.


    How Can 15 Million Assist?

    Answer: Boycott NT's Website (Heritage)

    To defend His Imamat's rights against an unprecedented attack, His Highness initiated legal action and was forced to respond to malicious, slanderous and blasphemous allegations leveled by Alnaz Jiwa and Nagib Tajdin. After a frivolous, vexatious and meritless 30 months court battle, the Supreme Court upheld His Highness' Victory. So far, 25 months battle over Reference Proceedings will eventually to come to an end. 


    Meanwhile, what can the Community of 15 million do to defend the interests of the Imam. Tariqah and Jamat?


    To say the least, should not the 15 MILLION do everything in their powers to ensure that Nagib Tajdin's website is never visited by any member of the Community? Particularly when the Imam had expressed His displeasure long before NT's website published highly slanderous and blasphemous posts? Refer to Imam's communication dated Jan. 24, 2010.


    Many are of the opinion that tens of thousands have the potential to serve as His Highness' ambassadors in educating their families and their brothers and sisters around the world. They can easily advise them to avoid downloading or forwarding emails with copyright materials in form of ginans, wa'z, farman, pictures, etc. Moreover, no one should subscribe to Alnaz Jiwa's ilm-net, a listserv where the Holy Qur'an, the Prophet, the Prophet's Family, etc. were openly ridiculed.


    To serve as an effective ambassador, the Imam's letters & sworn Affirmation, Prince Amyn's communication and LIF's announcements should be read with rapt attention. Let the collective effort of tens of thousands of ambassadors unleash.


    His Highness Letters

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    Prince Amyn's Communication: Read »

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    His Highness' Sworn Affirmation: read »


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