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    It is on Nagib Tajdin's website where veiled supporters of AJ and NT cultivate the seeds of revolt - an activity which demands stern disciplinary action under the Constitution. To make sense of the current climate of inciting revolt through NT's website, a rapid overview on the past activities of AJ and NT will be helpful.



    Alnaz Jiwa

    "Discord, Disunity & Distrust in the Making"

    - 1987 Toronto -


    The Institutional leaders had appointed Alnaz Jiwa as kamadia of a majlis in Toronto in the late 80's. They did not have the faintest idea that Alnaz Jiwa would later haunt them with a terrible nightmare, in addition to causing disturbance and disunity in a peaceful and serene atmosphere of Toronto Jamat.


    After the appointment, Alnaz Jiwa demanded Institutional leaders to abide by his interpretation of the newly ordained Constitution and simply accept his "what I say is right" attitude or face  his rage.  Alnaz Jiwa started a full-fledged battle with the Council, ITREB, Headquarters Mukhi/Kamadia Sahebs (Representatives of His Highness) and other Institutional leaders appointed by His Highness. When these leaders were translating messages of the Imam, Alnaz Jiwa defied, challenged and demanded for "written" proof.  By means of open letters, Alnaz Jiwa instigated majlis mukhis & kamadias to openly defy leaders. Alnaz Jiwa had come to believe that His Highness' appointed leaders were allegedly forging messages on behalf of His Highness. For brevity's sake, a few lines are cited from AJ's open letters which he had circulated widely. To the President of His Highness' Council for Ontario, Alnaz Jiwa wrote:


    "For instance the Jamats are under the impression that Hazar Imam [His Highness] has said to remove His photographs from the Jamatkhanas...I understand that Hazar Imam told the National Council President of the United States that He did not tell anyone to remove His photographs" (Oct. 15, 1987).


    To leaders in general, Alnaz Jiwa wrote:


    "We will inform the Jamat that many leaders use Hazar Imam's name in fulfilling their desires. We will inform the Jamats not to take any instructions from anybody without any written proof of Hazar Imam's Farmans...our prayers for the forgiveness of YOUR SINS" (Sept. 28, 1987; emphasis added). 



    Nagib Tajdin


    "Protagonist of Revolt"

    - 1991 Montreal -


    While Alnaz Jiwa was urging innocent majlis mukhis and kamarias to defy His Highness' appointed Institutional leaders in the late 80's by means of open letters - ITREB had banned Nagib Tajdin from providing religious education to members of Jamat. In retrospect, this ban was more than justified given NT's eccentric interpretation of Islam in general and Ismaili Islam in particular. It must be underlined that NT's preaching was disgusting, highly offensive and even blasphemous.


    Guided by his instincts and rumors, Nagib Tajdin was convinced that His Highness' LIF and other institutional leaders had forged hidayat (guidance) of His Highness and that His Community was allegedly being led astray! To combat these alleged traitors, the self-appointed eccentric fanatic Nagib Tajdin along with his veiled supporters rose up. They mailed anonymous flyers throughout Canada. Their core message: His Highness' Institutional leaders are allegedly corrupt. These flyers attempted to incite members of the Community to combine forces, defy and riot against His Highness' Institutional leaders.  An excerpt from this propaganda flyer reads:


    "if moving ...photographs on the side was truly the wish of ...[His Highness], then there must be a written Talika indicating this change. In the absence of such a written Talika, the jamats, must riot against the Ismaili leadership"  (emphasis added).


    Nagib Tajdin  threatened the Institutional leaders that he would cause a hunger strike and draw the attention of the media if his demands were not answered. An excerpt of NT's historic propaganda flyer reads:


    "...'Prayer without action is pride'.  Therefore we invite you to participate in or support the peaceful hunger strike which will commence in a few days immediately after Jamat Khana ceremonies in the Social Hall of Main Jamat Khana [of Montreal]. Participants will be informed by phone."  


    In a French propaganda flyer, two additional details were added: Medical support would be provided to all participants who may join Nagib Tajdin's hunger strike and a disciplinary complaint would be lodged against His Highness' appointed leaders in the Arbitration Board for Canada!  


    Missionary Abualy Slams Nagib Tajdin 


    On 26th Feb., 1992, the late Missionary Abualy wrote a letter to Nagib Tajdin. This letter was widely circulated in the Jamat including amongst those who supported Nagib Tajdin.  An excerpt reads:

    "I have learnt that you [NAGIB TAJDIN] are the leader of the Group. Many leaders of our jamat have been trying to convince you to persuade your Group to avoid friction in the jamat [Community] and to avoid making a public show of a religious matter but you all remained stubborn. ...give up creating discord, disharmony and disturbance in the jamat and let peace prevail in the jamat. Let the devil run away from amongst you."  


    Nagib & Alnaz Combine Forces 


    Nagib Tajdin could not lead this rebellion as most had abandoned him. By mid 1990's, NT teamed up with Alnaz Jiwa who provided him with a broadcasting platform named Ilm-net, a listserv owned by the University of Manitoba. Ever since, they have become inseparable in defying, mocking and ridiculing the Institutional leaders.  Moreover, they have been infringing His Highness' copyright works.  


    On Alnaz Jiwa's sewer (ilm-net), Institutional leaders were characterized as traitors and enemies comparable to arch-enemies of Islam such as Yazid and Shimar who slaughtered the grandson and many members of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).  Nagib Tajdin characterized His Highness' pet dog(s) as more faithful than His Highness' appointed leaders. Alnaz Jiwa permitted his subscribers to openly ridicule the Holy Qur'an; slander Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), etc. Nagib Tajdin offered stolen copyright materials of His Highness to all those who had the audacity to ridicule the wives of Prophet Muhammad. To give credence to his evil propaganda, Nagib Tajdin fabricated so-called historical facts and posed as a martyr of faith.  Some individuals fiercely opposed against this anti-Ismaili and anti-Islamic propaganda. When NT's deception, lies and fabrications were exposed, both Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa flexed their muscles of belligerence; to this very day, both have remained unrepentant.   


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    Imamat's Right Under Attack

    Inciting Revolt on NT's Website; Arab Spring & So-called Ismaili Spring or Rebellion; Predictions of Self-appointed prophet Nagib Tajdin never materialized; NT preaches to his fanatical followers to consider his defeat as "victory"; NT indoctrinates his followers by asserting that his 30 months battle against His Highness was a "Blessing"; What can 15 Million do to Assist their Imam's Cause? Links to His Highness' letters & Affirmation, Prince Amyn's communication and LIF's Announcements.














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