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    After his failed uprising against Institutional leaders in 1992 and having given birth to a cult, Nagib Tajdin secretly usurped the rights and responsibilities of the Imam.  The cult took charge of Farmans, Talikas, Ginans, Ismaili Manuscripts, Photographs of His Highness and His family, etc. To conceal his revolt against Institutional leaders, NT adopted the tactics of those who make headlines in the news - from open revolt to revolting in absolute secrecy.  Hidden supporters of NT started to wear masks.



    Farman Chors - Thieves OR Infringers of His Highness' Copyright Materials  


    To achieve his anti-Constitutional objective and to commit a serious breach of His Highness' copyright, Nagib Tajdin dispatched farman chor (farman thieves; infringers) to different parts of the Ismaili world to carry-out operation farman robbery. NT drugged these farman chor (thieves wearing masks) with a fairy-tale one-minute Karim Alibhay's mehmani-consent. In this manner, the farman chor (thieves) unlawfully recorded and published His Highness' Farmans.


    Alnaz Jiwa (solicitor by profession; hence an officer of the court) frequently published and circulated His Highness' stolen copyright materials on his listserv, ilm-net. This net also served as one of the devil's mouthpiece which attacked the Glorious Qur'an the ritual of Ramadhan fasting, the Prophet & the Prophet's wives, etc. Since Nagib Tajdin's comments on AJ's net are so offensive, disgusting and blasphemous in nature, only four excerpts have been cited in "Evil & Sickening Propaganda on Nagib Tajdin's Website".  



    Inciting Revolt on NT's Website 


    The activities of veiled supporters of NT and AJ suggest that they too seek a revolt against Institutional leaders appointed by His Highness.  One of the biggest supporters of NT and AJ is Mahebub Alam Chatur who resides in London, England.   It appears that he uses several pseudo names including "bloglaw". Chatur-bloglaw has written countless slanderous and blasphemous on several nets. He even wrote two highly offensive letters to His Highness.  This Chatur had the audacity to educate and advise the Imam regarding Imamat rights, responsibilities & matters pertaining to the Imam's lawsuit! The Imam did not respond.  Chatur's repulsive letters are displayed on NT's propaganda machine.


    In one of the widely circulated emails from GIM e Forum addressed to Mahebub Chatur, we learn that Chatur and his wife Firoza are devotees of the "self-proclaimed Allama", Nasirudin. In his highly offensive letters to the Imam, Chatur had featured Nasirudin's marginalization from the Community.  This Chatur-bloglaw suggested that His Highness should forsake His powers and functions by emulating the Dalai Lama who allows an election of leaders! This is a veiled attack on the Constitution and Imamat. 



    Nagib Tajdin (umed librarian) weighed in and ridiculed by asserting that such an "election" of leaders would fail because His Highness' appointed "rogues" would "corrupt the ballot".  Alnaz Jiwa wrote that the "core" of Institutional leaders is "rotten". NT (librarian umed) suggested that some of His Highness leaders have allegedly engaged in criminal activities, along with Norton Rose (law firm) and solicitors His Highness has retained.  To protect these alleged criminals, His Highness allegedly deceived the court by asserting that he was the Plaintiff!  Blasphemy! 


    For excerpts with dates, please refer to  "Evil & Sickening Propaganda on Nagib Tajdin's Website".  


    Arab Spring

    Recently, a veiled individual, the like of Mahebub Chatur, calls for a so-called "Ismaili" spring, rebellion by drawing some examples from the Arab spring in general and Egypt in particular.


    The Arab Spring, al-Thawrāt al-ʻArabiyyah literally the Arabic Rebellion or the Arab Revolutions, is a revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests which occurred in the Arab world. To date, rulers have been forced from power in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen. Civil uprisings have burst open in Bahrain and Syria; major protests have erupted in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, and Morocco; and minor protests have taken place in Bahrain, Lebanon, Mauritania, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Western Sahara, as well as quarrels at the borders of Israel. 


    So-called ISMAILI Spring

    To continue planting the seeds of disunity and fitna, mischief, the like of Mahebub Chatur had the audacity to request members of the Community to rise, join and assist the rebellion or Ismaili spring led by Nagib Tajdin & Alnaz Jiwa.  This masked individual draws a malicious comparison between Mubarak's regime to so-called regime of Institutional leaders. This green snake hiding in green grass suggests that the Imam's appointed leaders be overthrown through a so-called Ismaili spring!



    Hiding under the garb of "kachoomber" (some believe it is Abdul Premji who goes to Toronto Pickering Jamat Khana) is another fanatic who had the nerve to propose that one of the leading voices who solely supports His Highness and His institutional leaders ought to be persuaded to join the cult of fanatics led by Nagib Tajdin.  kachoomber (Abdul Premji) suggested that such an alliance would strengthen their attack on His Highness' chosen institutions and whose leadership He has appointed!  These veiled supporters of NT and AJ wrote:


    "Similarity between Arab spring and a spring for Ismailies They are fighting peacefully, in some arab countries, and with arms in some. The people are doing so because their top Leader and their inner circle are despots who control their money, the army and the inner circle do not distribute and share the peoples wealth fairly. [...] The people (Jamats) are fighting to get back what is theirs according to Farmans and to share it fairly and improve the wellbeing of the poor. Those who are actively fighting in the Arab spring are 5% of the population, with the silent support of the majority."


    "For example in Egypt they succeeded in changing some of the Top Leaders, but many of the inner circle are still there who are trying to take over, as we speak. Ismailis are today seeking peacefully from the Top Leader S Sachedina and the inner circle, who are effectively controlling the Jamat’s money and our Farman’s and our tariqah. [...] Those seeking need to increase to, 5% plus of the Jamat, with the silent support of a majority of the Jamats."


    "By changing the mindset of Shafik Sachedina which seems impossible, or changing him, the Jamat will not have succeeded. That will be only the first step, because the SS inner circle and their mindsets will not change. (For example today in Egypt people are out again to make sure that they do not have another “Mubarak” and the Army to take over their country again) [...] the lawsuits need to continue, and the awareness of the Jamat needs to turn into a spring for the Jamat [...]"


    - Nagib Tajdin's, June 24, 2012


    KACHOOMBER (Abdul Premji?) wrote:


    "We would now have a "double dose" of ATTACK in the main case, because I am SURE that [...]. and his people can be humbly persuaded to accept what Alnaz and Nagib are doing...." (emphasis added)


    - Nagib Tajdin's, June 24, 2012   





    Nagib Tajdin had indoctrinated his fanatical supporters that His Highness was not the Plaintiff.  This was made obvious to him in a so-called round 1 when His Highness was forced to attend a court discovery. Both defendants had the audacity to carry out an unprecedented court discovery of His Highness through contempt of court threats. His Highness never wanted to meet these two farman chors (thieves). These thieves used the court procedure to force His Highness to meet with them.  In so doing, they ended implicating His Highness' into their spurious forgery allegations!  Both suggested that His Highness deceived the Court by taking a false oath as Plaintiff simply to put a lid on an alleged criminal conspiracy which is orchestrated by Norton Rose's solicitors for the past 3 years! 


    Round 1

    Discovery of His Highness

    Toronto, Oct. 15, 2011

    His Highness' court discovery had convinced Nagib Tajdin that His Highness' letters and notarized Affirmation were forged; the Statement of Claim and other legal documents were submitted by an impostor who pretended to be His Highness.



    Nagib Tajdin and the officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa suggested that His Highness had appeared in his court discovery merely to put a lid on a GRAND SECRET DIABOLICAL CONSPIRACY which is allegedly being orchestrated by Norton Rose, their solicitors and the highest ranking Institutional leaders! In his Feb. 3rd, 2012 slanderous-blasphemous post, Nagib Tajdin (librarian-umed) wrote:


    "[...His Highness] did not want to create a fuss at the Court because saying he was not the Plaintiff would have landed the LIF [His Highness' Leaders' International Forum], MM [Mohammed Manji, President of His Highness' Council for Canada], SS [Shafik Sachedina: Senior Aide of His Highness] and Gray [Norton Rose solicitor] into troubles you have no idea of."

    - Nagib Tajdin's, February 3rd, 2012 (emphasis added)


    Four days later, the officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa argued that if His Highness was "the plaintiff, real plaintiff" than this makes" His Highness "an incompetent, grossly incompetent person, not worth of worshipping". - Nagib Tajdin's, Feb. 7th, 2012  


    Round 2


    Appeal Court of Canada


    NT (librararin umed) announced that "Second round" was coming soon, that is when the Court of Appeal would allegedly overturn the Harrington Judgment!  The self-styled prophet predicted that "all fraudsters will be taken to task".  The prophet of the cult also predicted that His Highness would allegedly reveal to the whole world that He had given a secretive god-given mission to NT's cult through Karim Allibhay.  


    The self-appointed prophet of the cult warned that the Community of millions was being led ASTRAY by an impostor-imam!  Only Mahebub Chatur and the rest of veiled fanatics like kachoomber  and Kanize were on the Right Path!   With respect to the so-called second round, NT's website reported: 


    "Second round is coming soon. This time, Imam will say it for the whole world to know that he still remembers very well his instructions that he gave to Defendant to continue publishing farmans.. And then that will be the end of all the games they have played on the Defendants and on the Imam. And all the fraudsters will be taken to task. [...]"


    "People of the Truth have always been a minority. Being part of the majority of those who may be against Alnaz [Jiwa] or Nagib [Tajdin] does not guaranty them that they are on the Path of Truth." 


    - Nagib Tajdin's, August 22, 2011 


    The so-called second round of Nagib Tajdin did materialize but the prophecies worked against him. Three judges from the Court of Appeal took Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa to task. The Federal Court of Appeal tossed NT's and AJ's appeals in trash. Next the defendants knocked the door of Supreme Court of Canada. The highest Court of the land responded that they were not interested in listening to their absurdity any longer. Thus their applications for leave to appeal were forever tossed in the trash of Canadian legal system.

    AJ suggests that the civilized world and 15 million Ismailis have been deceived into believing that His Highness is "the plaintiff, real plaintiff " in action T-514-10 as all the legal documents explicitly claim. Why? Because if he is, than the Plaintiff His Highness would be deemed as "an incompetent, grossly incompetent person, not worth of worshipping". Lunatic and arrogant officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa recently wrote on NT's website that the Plaintiff who is carrying out Reference Proceedings against them cannot be His Highness because this Plaintiff is "vindictive" and is in the midst of fighting a "frivolous" case (April 17, 2013; also refer to section # 3)!

    The officer of the court is merely content of making such absurd remarks on NT's website; he has no courage to face His Highness' solicitor in a courtroom. If he ever does, Gray and the legal system will reap him apart vis-a-vis his allegations of fraud.

    Nonetheless, AJ's co-defendant Nagaib Tajdin is not under the scrutiny of Law Society. Hence, he did not hesitate in slandering a Federal Appeal judge and ridiculing the Canadian legal system:

    "I had accused Ogilvy Renault through Gray to have circulated the fraudulent Affirmation. She [The Honourable Justice Johanne Gauthier] was in conflict of interest. She should have desisted from sitting on the case.


    Also the appeal was of Harrington's judgement and she had worked many years with Harrington at the maritime Arbitration or something like this. [...] She really tried to cover Gray and Harrington.


    it was the first time she was sitting as Judge of the Appeal Court where she had just been appointed and she was eager to sit and write her first Judgement. Shame on the Canadian legal system. I am thinking it is more corrupt than the Kenya judiciary!" - 6th July 2012; also refer to section # 3)






    It stands to reason that all fanatics of NT's cult including Kanize and kachoomber  have rejected the path of the Community of 15 million.  They believe that the definition of Right Path means to unconditionally surrender to the Tajdin-Jiwa DOCTRINE of SALVATION. This JIWA-TAJDIN doctrine of salvation demands from its  fanatical supporters to surrender to the following diabolical propaganda:


    1.  Reject the sacred Talika of the Imam-of-the-Time wherein His Highness asserts that He is the sole Plaintiff; author of the two Imamat communications; His institutional leaders and the entire team of legal entourage scrupulously follows the Imam's instruictions, etc.; 


    2.  Reject His Highness' sworn Affirmation wherein he asserts that he is the sole Plaintiff; 


    3.  Reject the two LIF's announcements which were authorized by His Highness and treat these as "slander" campaign against NT, AJ and their families;


    4.  Posit absolute faith into believing that Norton Rose and their solicitors and agent(s) have been committing a FRAUD on court of Canada by representing an impostor(s) for over 3 YEARS.



    A Challenge To Defy the LAW of the Land  & Saving Face 


    To save face, the leader of the cult of fanatics gave a sermon on his website. Nagib Tajdin asserted that his miserable and most humiliating defeat be interpreted as "VICTORY" &  "BLESSING"! In other words, NT suggested that His Highness' victory should be interpreted as DEFEAT.  The defiant and arrogant infringer NT challenged the LAW of the land by asserting that His Highness' copyright will be infringed in the future.  NT (librarian umed) wrote:   



    "It was not a failure, it was a blessing. The project was a victory, a Farman books covering 50 years of the Imamat of Mowla was published with instructions and blessings from the Imam-e- Zaman and whoever was meant to have the guidance got the Golden Edition Farman book."


    "Attempt by some people to hide the authentic accurate unedited Farmans from the Jamat failed. The Farmans have been preserved for eternity."


    "I can bet that with technology progressing by the day, many of those who have a copy will be able to make sure that the whole Jamat gets it, their families, their children and their grand-children.... what a victory!"  (emphasis added)


    - Nagib Tajdin's, July 2, 2012


    Nagib Tajdin, the leader of farman robbery mission, ridiculed His Highness by suggesting that the Imam has allowed His Community of millions to go astray!   Sheer rubbish and blasphemy!


    "The important thing not to forget: The legitimate Imam left the majority jamat. An usurper took over the Khaliphat. The Institutions circulated false talikas in the Masjids saying Mustali was the appointed Imam in the forged Will of Mowlana Mustansirbillah...." (emphasis added)


    - Nagib Tajdin's, July 3, 2012




    Nagib Tajdin suggested that His Highness' Community of 15 Millions should defy against the contents of His Highness' sacred Talika  beacuse the cult leaders asserts that this has been forged by an impostor!  

    "I [NAGIB TAJDIN] am surprised that the Jamat [Community of 15 Million] has not yet taken it seriously to REVOLT against people forging Imam's signature. [...]" (emphasis added)


    - Nagib Tajdin's propaganda website, August 7, 2012


    With respect to His Highness' Talika, Nagib Tajdin told the Court:


    "Recently, after the Judgment was granted by Justice Harrington... a message purporting to be from the Imam (another forged document) was read publicly humiliate and to incite the congregation and our families to put aggressive pressure and/or intimidate us." (emphasis added)


    To learn more about NT's and Aj's so-called jihad,  holy war (mahabharata) click on the links provided below:







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    Black Legend


    "Spurious Allegations of Forgery & Fraud" 










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