Aga Khan Lawsuit
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    The Black Legend

    "Spurious Allegations of Forgeries & Lies"


    To fiercely obstruct His Highness from achieving the relief He sought from Federal Court of Canada, Defendants NT and AJ engineered a vexatious, frivolous and meritless defence - a Black Legend which narrated unimaginable lies under a capsule of fraud, forgeries and one-minute Karim Allibhay mehmani-consent.


    This Black Legend was demolished by His Highness' solicitors most notably Mr. Brian Gray; Mr. Daniel Gleason; Ms Jennifer A. Colman and Mr. Brian Lindblom, a world renowned forensic expert. The Honourable Justice S. Harrington performed its permanent legal burial. But it was His Highness' final verdict expressed in a talika (written address) which reigns supreme in the hearts and souls of some 15 million Ismailis.


    An Overview Forthcoming


    BLACK LEGEND: Origin, Makings, Perpetuation & Crucifixion Forthcoming


    NAGIB TAJDIN: "Have I committed a Fraud on Court of Canada? His Highness' solicitor confronted Nagib Tajdin to respond if the former was committing fraud on court of Canada. NT's response indicates that he is a pathological liar. He can chant his mantra of Black Legend only among his fanatical supporters and certainly not in a Courtroom. This exposes his hypocrisy and cowardice. In his response, NT asserted that he would never agree that His Highness had signed the Affirmation even 10 million individuals testify - this shows he is not even a normal lunatic....more »


    Alnaz Jiwa Suggests that Discovery of His Highness was an alleged Conspiracy The Honourable Justice Harrington remarked that His Highness' court discovery appearance "must have come as quite a surprise to the defendants when the real Aga Khan presented". In retrospect, Justice Harrington was dead wrong...He had no idea about Alnaz Jiwa's lunacy...more »


    Alnaz Jiwa's Attack on the Aga Khan Affirmation

    To fully protect the pristine reputation of His Highness The Aga Khan and in order to tell the TRUTH to the entire world, Mr. Daniel Gleason & Ms. Jennifer Coleman provided their affidavits to the Court...Alnaz Jiwa intentionally declined to face Gleason and Coleman...These calculated moves suggest that they were intended to increase the lifespan of a dying cult of fanatics which is fed by an engine of lies...more »


    ALNAZ JIWA: "Have I committed a Fraud on Court of Canada?" For TRUTH to prevail over falsehood, His Highness' solicitor repeatedly invited the Toronto based solicitor Alnaz Jiwa and Nagib Tajdin to cross-examine Gleason and Coleman. Both deliberately declined. Why? Their unimagibale LIES would have been exposed to the whole world, particularly to the cult of fanatics like Mahebub Chatur (bloglaw, integrity, imani), Abdul Premji and kanize...more »


    Wasting Federal Court Resources

    Battling Absurdity Alnaz Jiwa told the court that ginans (devotional literature) written several centuries back provide him with an implied consent to publish and distribute His Highness' copyright materials! An example how Federal Court resources were wasted...more »


    Battling Lunacy - Nagib Tajdin's Holy War NT's website has recruited fanatics into believing that jihad, holy war called mahabharata is taking place between their heroes NT & AJ against MILLIONS who represent and support the Plaintiff His Highness The Aga Khan's lawsuit - Another point in case demonstrating sheer wastage of Federal court resources...more »





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