Aga Khan Lawsuit

Last Updated May 8, 2013

  • Judgment of Federal Court of Appeal on its Official Website





    Defendant Alnaz Jiwa

    Defendant Nagib Tajdin




    Parts of


    The Aga Khan Lawsuit


    1: Familiarizing with the Ismaili Constitution


    2: Attack on Imamat's Absolute Right


    3: Legal Action & Talika of the Imam

    Community of 15 Million vs. NT's Cult of Hidden Supporters; His Highness and The Honourable Justice Harrington Vindicated Ismaili Institutional leaders; Imam's Talika Reinforced this Vindication; Justice Harrington slammed Alnaz Jiwa; Nagib Tajdin's Website


    4: Championing Revolt

    Championing Revolt on NT's website; Alnaz Jiwa created Discord, Disunity & Distrust; Nagib Tajdin championed Revolt against Institutional leaders; Missionary Abualy slams Nagib Tajdin; Nagib combines forces with Alnaz Jiwa


    5: Imamat's Right Under Attack

    Farman Thieves; Inciting Revolt on NT's Website; Arab Spring & So-called Ismaili Spring or Rebellion; Predictions of Self-appointed prophet never materialized; NT & AJ Doctrine of Salvation; NT preaches to his fanatical followers to consider his defeat as "victory"; NT indoctrinates his followers by asserting that his 30 months battle against His Highness was a "Blessing"; Saving Face & A Challenge to Defy the Law of the Land; Links to His Highness' letters & Affirmation, Prince Amyn's communication and LIF's Announcements.




    6: Black Legend - Spurious Allegations of Fraud & Forgery


    7: Summary of the Aga Khan Lawsuit


    8: Reference Proceedings 


    A synopsis of voluminous Reference Proceedings.


    Defendants NT and Alnaz Jiwa (solicitor by profession; hence an officer of the court) exhausted all means to resist court discoveries and fiercely sought to hide the identities of potential hidden infringers (farman chor in Indian) and/or high-volume purchasers of Infringing Materials on the grounds of several vexatious, frivolous and meriteless motions and appeals. 



    9: Reference Proceedings


    A detailed version of Reference Proceedings.



    10: Vendetta Wars in Progress - India; Europe & North America


    After being severely disgraced by the Canadian legal system., NT, AJ and ultra fanatics seek to undermine His Highness' Authority-Authority which manifests in the appointments of His institutional leaders. Nagib Tajdin and ultra fanatic Mahebub Chatur of London, England initiated disciplinary proceedings. Like the Canadian courts, ICAB and NCAB dismissed their complaints.


    Chatur has been serving as an attack dog of Nagib Tajdin & Alnaz Jiwa since the very beginning of the lawsuit by wearing fake masks. Like an intoxicated dog, he constantly barks against anyone who defends His Highness' lawsuit on the basis of legal documents, His Highness' sworn Affirmation, His Highness' Communications, His Highness' Talika (written communication), etc. This Chatur who wears multiple masks is threatening legal action against His Highness' institutions.


    At any rate, two ultra fanatics Hussain Dossani and Mansoorali Noorani did initiate legal action in India while the lawsuit of His Highness was in progress. Dossani most likely representing a cult of hidden supporters requested the Court of India to force His Highness' ITREB India to publish His Highness' copyright Farmans! The court dumped this complaint into a garbage can; now they are trying to attack on the credibility and validity of the Ismaili Constitution... 


    11: Cult of Ultra Fanatics vs. 15 Millions


    Who are these hidden infringers and supporters? Some names are revealed. Nagib Tajdin's website is replete with slanderous and blasphemous remarks. How can 15 millions assist? To serve as an effective ambassador, His Highness' letters & sworn Affirmation, Prince Amyn's communication and LIF's announcements should be read with rapt attention. Read these by clicking on the links provided and let the collective effort of tens of thousands of ambassadors unleash.


    EXTRACTS Drawan From Original Sources


    12: Extracts # 1


    13: Extracts # 2


    14: Extracts # 3


    15: Extracts # 4


    16: Links to Original Sources









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