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Nagib Tajdin's & Alnaz Jiwa's


- May 23, 2012 -

Irrefutable evidence filed in the Federal Court of Canada testifies that His Highness is the sole Plaintiff in copyright legal action against defendants Alnaz Jiwa (AJ), Nagib Tajdin (NT) and John Doe Defendants (T-514-10). This unchallengeable evidence consists of a voluminous submission of legal documents which include His Highness' Statement of Claim, His Highness' sworn Affirmation, His Highness' Responses to NT's and AJ's Statement of Defences, sworn affidavit of an American solicitor, a sworn affidavit of an American paralegal; sworn affidavits from three high ranking Institutional leaders which include copies of two Imamat letters addressed to Nagib Tajdin; an email of Prince Amyn Aga Khan to Nagib Tajdin; two Leaders' International Forum announcements which were read in Ismaili Community around the globe, etc.  


Four judges from the Court of Canada and Appeal Court have ruled in absolute favour of His Highness. In his Reasons of Judgment, The Honourable Justice Harrington wrote, "(59) First of all, the defendants admit that the real Aga Khan showed up [in court discovery]. That is proof positive that he authorized the current lawsuit".  


Despite the foregoing indisputable evidence and the Judgments rendered by Court of Canada and Court of Appeal in favour of His Highness - NT and Alnaz Jiwa, a Toronto based solicitor and hence an officer of the court, contend that His Highness is not the Plaintiff! The officer of the court AJ and NT suggest that His Highness' senior solicitor Brian Gray is allegedly orchestrating a grand criminal conspiracy by representing an impostor- an impostor who has been using the name of "His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan" for over the past two years!


His Highness' Notarized Affirmation


When His Highness commenced his legal action in April of 2010, NT and AJ fiercely obstructed His Highness from the relief he sought from the Court of Canada. That NT and AJ starved for real defence was transparent from the very beginning. Nonetheless, NT and AJ clouded this lack of any real defence by manufacturing spurious allegations of fraud; fabricating fictional consents attributing to Karim Allibhay and feigning to abide by His Highness' instructions.


In its initial stage and in accordance with the gap rule of the Federal Courts Rules and Rule 15.02 of the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure, His Highness executed a sworn Affirmation which was notarized in the presence of one of the top American solicitors Mr. Daniel J. Gleason and Ms. Jennifer Colman, a paralegal. This notarized Affirmation is dated 12th May, 2010 and asserts as follows:


I, Prince Karim Aga Khan do solemnly affirm pursuant to sections 14 and 15 of the Canada Evidence Act as follows:


1)    I am the Plaintiff in Court File No T- 514-10 filed in the Federal Court of Canada. I have personally reviewed and approved the contents of the Statement of Claim filed with the Court in this case.


2)    I have retained the firm of Ogilvy Renault LLP to act as my solicitors on my behalf and have authorized the action for copyright infringement against the named defendants.


3)    I do not consent and have never consented to the publication and copying of the works in dispute and that are set out in the Statement of Claim.


4)    I have informed one of the defendants Nagib Tajdin in two letters which I have written to him of my instructions to stop the unauthorized publication and to deliver up the undistributed books. In the second letter I purposively added a handwritten note in order to show that the letter came from me personally.


5)    I authorized the Ismaili Leaders International Forum (LIF) to inform my Community about this matter and I know that this communication reached both Mr. Jiwa and Mr. Tajdin.

To reinforce His Highness' Affirmation, Gleason and Coleman provided their sworn affidavits. The court officer AJ deliberately refused to cross-examine Gleason and Coleman. His Highness' solicitor Mr. Brian Gray confronted Alnaz Jiwa and posed the following question: Was it "Somebody in an Aga Khan mask or something?" when His Highness' Affirmation was notarized? The officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa responded that Gleason was either MISTAKEN, LYING or the VICTIM of IDENTITY FRAUD but he vehemently refused to cross-examine Gleason!  The reason is too obvious: AJ's and NT's despicable lies would have been publicly exposed and the lawsuit would have ended in favor of His Highness.


Also, the officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa could easily have challenged Gray to prove whether His Highness had retained him. Again, the officer of the court AJ deliberately declined to take this legal avenue precisely because he was least interested in serving the cause of truth and justice. Challenging Gray would have publicly exposed Alnaz Jiwa as an unscrupulous solicitor who is unworthy of practicing law.


At any rate, the whole world and the 15 million Ismailis should never lose sight of the following facts: The officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa and Nagib Tajdin intentionally declined to cross-examine Gleason and Coleman. Despite irrefutable evidence, Nagib Tajdin's propaganda machine (website continued its evil-mongering campaign by slandering and defaming His Highness - His Highness' aides including His Highness' personal secretaries - His Highness' appointed institutional leaders - solicitors & law firms His Highness has retained, etc. Nagib Tajdin's website has explicitly vilified His Highness' solicitor Mr. Brian Gray.  


Defendants AJ & NT

Compel His Highness' to Court Discovery


In the early stage, Nagib Tajdin tried to derail His Highness' summary judgment proceedings. Both defendants NT and AJ obsessively pressured the court to compel His Highness to a court discovery and suggested that His Highness would never show up as he is not the Plaintiff. After three successive failed attempts, the court permitted Nagib Tajdin to cross-examine His Highness under oath. Armed with contempt of court powers, NT forced His Highness into a court discovery session in Toronto on October 15th, 2010.


The official court transcript of His Highness' court discovery reveals that Nagib Tajdin & Alnaz Jiwa promised to settle as per the terms of the relief His Highness had sought through his Statement of Claim. Based on His Highness' explicit request as testified by the court transcript - Nagib Tajdin told the Court, twice, that he was withdrawing "all" allegations of fraud. After the discovery - both NT and AJ refused to sign the agreement and suggested that the court reporter was also associated with the alleged criminal conspiracy. However, AJ and NT could not deny that they had witnessed the presence of His Highness in flesh and blood. They now changed their tune by implicating His Highness into their allegations of fraud! NT and AJ suggest that His Highness' oath was merely a deception intended to protect the alleged fraudulent activities which are still being orchestrated by His Highness' solicitors and the world reputed Norton Rose!


Slandering & Defamation Campaign Against His Highness


For the past several months, NT, AJ and their fanatical band of veiled supporters have been writing slanderous-blasphemous posts on Nagib Tajdin's propaganda machine. Now Nagib Tajdin has the audacity to carry-out his slandering campaign in his submissions to the court.  NT acknowledges that his allegations are "serious" with "possible repercussion". Are these the signs of NT's extreme desperation? Distractive tactics? Particularly when NT and AJ have miserably failed in their legal battles against His Highness.


In his Responding Affidavit recently sworn in Montreal on 8th May, 2012 - Nagib Tajdin asserts that Dr. Shafik Sachedina (His Highness' senior Aide) and Mr. Mohamed Manji (President of His Highness' Council for Canada) have engaged in criminal acts by allegedly initiating the lawsuit under the name of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan. Nagib Tajdin continues to suggest that His Highness' senior solicitor Mr. Brian Gray is masterminding this alleged criminal conspiracy. In essence, this is a direct attack on the impeccable reputation of the two law firms - Norton Rose & Ogilvy Renault LLP.


But what about His Highness's court discovery during which His Highness took an oath as the sole Plaintiff in lawsuit against NT, AJ and the John Doe defendants?


Nagib Tajdin (librarian umed), explained on his propaganda machine that if His Highness had confessed that He is not the Plaintiff, then His Highness' aides, His Highness' appointed Institutional leaders and solicitors and law firms His Highness has retained would have been prosecuted as criminals. So to put a lid on this alleged grand criminal conspiracy, His Highness  took a false oath. In his Feb. 3rd, 2012 slanderous-blasphemous post, Nagib Tajdin wrote:


"[...] The Imam [His Highness] did not want to create a fuss at the Court because saying he was not the Plaintiff would have landed the LIF [His Highness' Leaders' International Forum], MM [Mohammed Manji, President of Council for Canada], SS [Shafik Sachedina: Aide of His Highness] and Gray into troubles you have no idea of." - Nagib Tajdin's, February 3rd, 2012 (emphasis added)


Four days later, the officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa argued that if His Highness was "the plaintiff, real plaintiff" than this makes" His Highness "an incompetent, grossly incompetent person, not worth of worshipping". - Nagib Tajdin's, February 7th, 2012


Alnaz Jiwa Ridicules Institutional Leaders

- Core of His Highness Appointed leaders is "Rotten" -



In one of his routine addresses on NT's propaganda machine - the officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa asserted that the "core" of His Highness's appointed leadership is "rotten" and added that His Highness' Community is destined to extermination. In his preaching to NT's fanatical cult, AJ claimed that this cataclysmic event has been predicted in a ginan citing: "Swami rajo katri nakhe jamat". The Arabic term jamat translates to "community". Needless to say that there is no such line in the entire ginan literature; this is merely a fabrication of Alnaz Jiwa. 


Alnaz Jiwa Slanders His Highness

Court officer Suggests that His Highness has appointed Yazids to serve His Community!


On NT's propaganda machine, the officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa suggested that His Highness has appointed Institutional leaders comparable to Azazil, Satan and Yazid, an arch-devil, who massacred the grandson of the Prophet. Mahebub Chatur (aka bloglaw) proposes that His Highness should abandon his Imamat's prerogative and allow election of Institutional leaders. Nagib Tajdin (umed librarian) ridiculed by asserting that the "rogues" appointed by His Highness would also corrupt the election ballot.  


Nagib Tajdin Slanders His Highness' Appointed leaders


Nagib Tajdin suggested that these Institutional leaders are after His Highness' wealth and the lawsuit is merely a distraction. On Alnaz Jiwa's forum, NT has once labelled Institutional leaders as the "underground mafia" who are allegedly bent in injuring His Highness! Recently, NT (librarian umed) wrote on his own website as follows:


"[T]he lawsuit is only a smoke screen, a tip of the iceberg. The real thing is too big for anyone to believe. Once the final results of the team's findings will be compiled, we will make it open to all. The reason MM wanted this web site closed is not because of the comments on the lawsuit, it is for what is behind this." - Nagib Tajdin's propaganda machine (website), May 20, 2012


NT Asserts that His Highness is implicated in Fraud

"Responding Affidavit of Nagib Tajdin which is publicly displayed on NT's Website"


(39): "His Highness came [for his court discovery] because of the court order and also because there was a dispute between me and Sachedina and Manji who had initiated the lawsuit in his name." - Nagib Tajdin's Responding Affidavit sworn in Montreal on 8th May, 2012


The foregoing statement is highly offensive, nay blasphemous as it implies that His Highness is not the Plaintiff and His Highness is openly and clearly implicated in the alleged fraud. To reinforce his blasphemous-slanderous proposition, Nagib Tajdin tells the court that His Highness had "rejected the contents" of his Statement of Claim filed with Court of Canada! NT added that His Highness acknowledged that His Imamat letters addressed to Nagib Tajdin were forged! NT also asserts that His Highness acknowledged that the above mentioned notarized Affirmation has been forged!


(38): "[...] His Highness...rejected the contents of the statement of claim and of the forged letters and forged Affirmation..." 


(42, 43) "[During the court discovery, His Highness confirmed] our suspicions that the letters and affirmation circulated in his name were completely fraudulent. Although fraud had been committed, he requested that I did (sic) not pursue the matter of fraud..."


(51) "[...] His Highness vindicated the defendant [Nagib Tajdin] for 20 minutes or so was not audio-recorded...[this is] proof enough that he [Gray] knew that His Highness would strongly support the Defendants [Alnaz Jiwa & Nagib Tajdin]."


(33) "[...] the Court can find out from His Highness who travels very often to Canada (sic) who is defrauding the Court and take appropriate actions against whoever is found to do perjury and to defraud the Court." 


Nagib Tajdin is openly ridiculing and slandering His Highness by suggesting that His Highness is committing a fraud on Court of Canada. To His Highness' followers, the foregoing grave allegations which are displayed on public forum are BLASPHEMOUS; to the rest of the world these would be interpreted as INSANE & SLANDEROUS.


Twenty-seven months back, Nagib Tajdin accused and threatened His Highness personal secretary of criminal behaviour. Some excerpts from Nagib Tajdin's letter read:


"...'il n'y a aucun doute que la Signature pretendue de Son Altesse, dans la lettre que vous m'avez fait parvenir, est forgee. J'ai egalement I'intention d'envoyer Ie document au forensic pour verifier les empreintes digitales sur original recu hier pour I'identification du nombre de personnes impliquees dans ce faux. En France comme en Angleterre, forger une signature et pretendre qu'elle vient d'une personne autre est une offense majeure. Je pense serieusement remettre Ie dossier a la police faire pour son enquete.  J'ai donc decide de demander a mon avocat de preparer un dossier complet dans Ie respect de la loi. Je ne sais pas si vous allez vous prevaloir de I'article 450-2 du code penale francais mais si c'est Ie cas, je suis pret a ecouter vos explications."  - Source: Exhibit submitted in the Federal Court of Canada, February 15, 2010




"...There is absolutely no doubt that the signature of His Highness in the letter that you had forwarded me is forged. Also, I have the intention to send this document to the forensic for verification of the fingerprints on the original [letter] I received yesterday for identification of the number of people involved in this [criminal] wrongdoing."


"In France as well as in England, forging a signature and to pretend that it comes from that said person is a major offense. I am seriously thinking to submit this case to the police for enquiry. I have therefore decided to ask my lawyer to prepare a complete file according to the law. I do not know whether you will exercise rights under Article 450-2 of the French penal code but if this is the case, I am willing to listen to your explanations."

His Highness' Response to Nagib Tajdin

"The letter that you [Nagib Tajdin] received dated 24th of January and signed by me was both written by me and signed by me. Mrs Parkes has been in my service for 28 years and to make an accusation such as the one you have made about an employee of the Imam who has served loyally for so many years is completely unacceptable to me, as well as being highly offensive to Mrs Parkes, and is no doubt a matter on which she could seek legal redress, and on which she would have my full support."  Source: His Highness' Imamat letter to Nagib Tajdin, Feb 18, 2010


Two years back His Highness notified the Court that he reserves the right to pursue any and all legal remedies concerning slander and defamation Nagib Tajdin has been making against His Highness and his aides. Will this prophecy be fulfilled in the coming months?




"If anything, the Defendant's allegations of forgery may be considered slander and defamation against the Plaintiff [His Highness The Aga Khan] and his aides. The Plaintiff reserves the right to pursue any and all legal remedies concerning these allegations made by the Defendant. [Nagib  Tajdin]"


 Source: His Highness' Reply to the Statement of Defence of Nagib Tajdin, P. 43, May 25, 2010



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