Aga Khan Lawsuit

Defendant Nagib Tajdin


Defendant Alnaz Jiwa







Alnaz Jiwa & Nagib Tajdin


- May 2012 -







  • Appendix 1: YAZID & Response to Alnaz Jiwa
  • Appendix 2: Evil Propaganda on Alnaz Jiwa's Forum
  • Appendix 3: Evil Propaganda on Nagib Tajdin's Website Ismaili Net


His Highness The Aga Khan


His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan is a direct descendent of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family) and the 49th hereditary Imam, spiritual leader, of millions of Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims who are ethnically and culturally diverse peoples living in over 25 countries. The Ismailis are united in their allegiance to His Highness; for their social governance, His Highness has ordained the Constitution of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims (Constitution). The said Constitution is binding upon all Ismailis. To translate his messages to the Ismaili Jamat (Community), His Highness has appointed Institutional leaders.


Two years back, Nagib Tajdin (NT)and his group of veiled supporters published a Farman Book entitled "Farmans 1957-2009 -Golden Edition Kalam-E Imam-E Zaman" (Infringing Materials). When Institutional leaders failed to end Nagib Tajdin's saga of defiance, His Highness was forced to personally intervene. He wrote two letters to Nagib Tajdin. In his first letter, His Highness indicated that Nagib Tajdin and his supporters had committed "a serious and absolutely unacceptable breach of the Imam's right and responsibility" and that these infringing activities must stop forthwith. To justify his blatant defiance, Nagib Tajdin argued that His Highness' letters had been forged by an impostor who pretended to the 49th Imam.


The Aga Khan Lawsuit


To enforce His rights and to regain effective and absolute control over His communications with His Jamat (Community), His Highness initiated copyright infringement action against NAGIB TAJDIN (NT), ALNAZ JIWA (AJ), JOHN DOE, DOE CO. and all those who have reproduced, published, promoted and/or authorized the reproduction and promotion of unauthorized Farmans. Refer to His Highness' Statement of Claim dated  April 6, 2010.


Irrefutable Evidence


Unquestionable evidence filed in the Court of Canada bear witness that His Highness is the sole Plaintiff. AJ and NT suggest that Norton Rose and its solicitors are committing a grand criminal conspiracy by representing an impostor - an impostor who has been using the name of "His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan" for the past two years.  These grave allegations constitute a grave attack on Norton Rose Group which is a leading international practice with over 40 offices in Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Central.


His Highness Informs His Community


Unlike the public, the Ismaili Community is primarily informed by His Highness' Institutions. Under the provision of this Constitution, His Highness authorized the Leaders International Forum (LIF) to inform his Community about Nagib Tajdin's infringing activities and the rationale of the lawsuit.


In response to the first LIF announcement, Alnaz Jiwa wrote on Nagib Tajdin's propaganda machine (website that this announcement was "deceitful" and that the Institutional leaders were "wholeheartedly" carrying out an attack on His Highness. A line from a purported letter from Alnaz Jiwa reads: "Since 1987, I have publicly been fighting the institutional leadership...".  Nagib Tajdin reacted by asserting in his Defence that His Highness' authorized announcements were allegedly a "slander campaign" against him and his family. Currently, he is suggesting that these announcements, in addition to His Highness notarized Affirmation and Talika are the source of the Community's hate towards AJ and NT.


Defying His Highness' Talika


After the Court delivered its historic Judgment in favour of His Highness in January 2011, the Imam addressed tens of thousands of His followers residing in USA, Canada, England and Kenya by means of a highly honoured and the most sacred form of communication known as talika, a written address. The talika reiterated that His Highness is the sole Plaintiff and that the allegations of fraud fabricated by Alnaz Jiwa and Nagib Tajdin were absolutely "unfounded".


Cult of Fanatics at War


To justify that they are obedient followers of His Highness, AJ and NT pretend that they are waging a war against an impostor who has usurped the divine office of IMAMAT while the real IMAM is silent. The foregoing devilish propaganda of Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa has attracted and continues to mesmerize a very small cult of fanatics who incessantly inject their venomous attacks against His Highness and His Highness' Institutional leaders by using fake names: integrity, kachoombar, imani, am; kanize, yasmin, asif, concerned murid , bloglaw, etc. Simply put, this small cult of fanatics is carrying out a guerrilla warfare on NT's propaganda website against His Highness, His Highness' Institutional leaders and the most disciplined Community of 15 millions.  


Devilish Propaganda on Nagib Tajdin's Website


After blatantly disregarding His Highness' Statement of Claim, Reply to NT's and AJ's Statement of Defences, His Highness' notarized Affirmation, Mr. Gleason's and Ms. Coleman's sworn affidavits, Judgments rendered by the Court, the LIF's announcements and the Talika - the officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa decided to publicly slander His Highness.


After three successive failed attempts, the court permitted Nagib Tajdin to cross-examine His Highness under oath. Armed with contempt of court powers, NT forced His Highness into a court discovery session in Toronto on October 15th, 2010. Now he and NT suggest that His Highness' took an oath as Plaintiff merely to cover up the alleged  criminal conspiracy which are being carried out by Norton Rose! In his Feb. 3rd, 2012 slanderous-blasphemous post, Nagib Tajdin wrote: 



"[...] The Imam [His Highness] did not want to create a fuss at the Court because saying he was not the Plaintiff would have landed the LIF, MM [Mohammed Manji, President of Council for Canada], SS [Shafik Sachedina: Head of the Department of Jamati Institutions based in His Highness' Secretariat] and Gray [Norton Rose solicitor] into troubles you have no idea of." - Nagib Tajdin's, February 3rd, 2012, emphasis added

Four days later, the officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa argued that if His Highness was "the plaintiff, real plaintiff" then this makes" His Highness "an incompetent, grossly incompetent person, not worth of worshipping".  - Nagib Tajdin's, February 7th, 2012



Alnaz Jiwa also explicitly asserted that the "core" of Ismaili leadership is "rotten" and soon His Highness will destroy his own Community! AJ ridiculed by suggesting that His Highness has appointed Institutional leaders who are comparable to Yazid, an arch-devil, who massacred the grandson of the Prophet. Mahebub Chatur suggested that His Highness should abandon his Imamat's prerogative and allow election of Institutional leaders! Nagib Tajdin (umed librarian) ridiculed saying that these "rogues" appointed by His Highness would corrupt the election ballot! NT has also suggested that these Institutional leaders are after His Highness' wealth and the lawsuit is merely a distraction. On Alnaz Jiwa's forum, NT had labelled Institutional leaders as the "underground mafia" who were allegedly bent in injuring His Highness. Recently, Nagib Tajdin - a pathological liar - wrote on his own website as follows:


"[T]he lawsuit is only a smoke screen, a tip of the iceberg. The real thing is too big for anyone to believe. Once the final results of the team's findings will be compiled, we will make it open to all. The reason MM wanted this web site closed is not because of the comments on the lawsuit, it is for what is behind this." - Nagib Tajdin's propaganda machine (website), May 20, 2012



To millions of His Highness' followers, the foregoing grave allegations which are made on Nagib Tajdin's condemned website are absolutely blasphemous in nature. In light of this devilish propaganda, a Response has become necessary and this is provided in three different segments.


Appendix 1: To accurately assess the evil and sickening propaganda carried out by the officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa and Nagib Tajdin who suggest that His Highness has appointed Yazids, a brief historical introduction of Yazid with comments has become necessary.


Appendix 2: To refresh Alnaz Jiwa's memory as to who is actually championing the legacy of Yazid, some posts which were once circulated on his forum are cited. Since these posts are so disgusting and evil in nature - only a few are being cited at least for now.


Appendix 3: This section cites some of the current blasphemous-slanderous posts which are currently being publicly displayed on Nagib Tajdin's propaganda machine ( - a website which has been condemned by many.   



Appendix 1



"Son of Abu Sufyan b. Harab b. Omayya"


The common ancestor of Prophet Muhammad, Imam `Ali and Mu`awiya was Abd Manaf who had two sons named Hashim and Abd Shams. The Prophet and `Ali are direct descendants of Hashim whereas Mu`awiya traces his descent from Abd Shams through Omayya, Harab and Abu Sufyan. Mu`awiya's and Hinda's son was Yazid.


Abu Sufyan, the grandfather of Yazid, was an archenemy of Prophet Muhammad. He and his family known as the Beni Umayya had bitterly and ferociously tried to extinguish the light of Islam by waging wars against the Prophet. Nearly at the end of his prophetic mission, the Prophet conquered Mecca. To spare their lives, Abu Sufyan and his family surrendered and embraced Islam. After the demise of the Prophet, Mu`awiya rebelled against Caliph-imam `Ali. Consequently, the Battle of Siffin took place on a plain near the Euphrates.


When Mu`awiya and his commander Amr b. al-As realized that their army was on the verge of defeat, the son of Abu Sufyan used the shield of faith - a tactic reminiscent in Alnaz Jiwa's and Nagib Tajdin's battle against His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan. By using the pretext of piety, the soldiers of Mu`awiya raised copies of the Qur'an calling `Ali's soldiers to allow God to arbitrate the dispute between Caliph-imam `Ali and Mu`awiya. `Ali tried to convince his men by saying, "It is an infamous stratagem and a nefarious device of Amr and Mu'awiya to cloak their defeat. Believe me, neither Mu'awiya nor Amr bin As, has any regard for religion or for the Quran. Beware of the trick which they are playing upon us."


A group in `Ali's army who later came to be known as the Kharijis was mesmerized by Mu`awiya's and Amr b. al-As' ruse. This too is a feature which is reminiscent in Alnaz Jiwa's and Nagin Tajdin's battle against His Highness. Despite irrefutable legal documents, letters and Talika (a written royal decree) from His Highness, announcements from His Highness' institutions - Nagib Tajdin's cult remains mesmerized because Nagib Tajdin - in the name of faith - promises them access to stolen copyright materials of His Highness. Like Mu`awiya's and Amr b. al-As', Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa assures the cult that they are waging a war on the basis of piety and absolute faith in God. 


While `Ali was preparing to resume his battle against Mu`wiya, a khariji by the name of `Abd al-Rahman b. Muljam struck the invincible `Ali with a poisonous sword while the latter sat in the mosque for prayers. Two days later, `Ali died leaving behind his sons Hasan and Husayn. A sizeable population coalesced around Hasan but Mu`awiya remained adamant in becoming the caliph. To seek peace and to save lives of the countless, Hasan concluded a peace treaty which stipulated that the leadership of the Muslims would not continue in the progeny of Mu`awiya but in the Alid line after the death of Mu`wiya. The son of Abu Sufyan and the father of Yazid had no intention to follow any of the terms of treaty.


Hasan retired to Medina and in a few years he died. In the meantime, Mu`awiya was blatantly violating the terms of the treaty. After ruling as the absolute monarch for nineteen years, Mu`awiya died in 680. In his An Introduction to Shi`i Islam, Moojan Momen writes, "Prior to his death he [Mu`awiya] had arranged for his son, Yazid, to succeed him. If the rule of Mu`awiya, the son of Prophet Mohammed's most powerful enemy in Mecca, had been offensive to some pious Muslims, the accession of Yazid, a drunkard who openly ridiculed and flouted the laws of Islam, was an outrage."  In his Shi'ite Islam, Husayn Tabatabai writes that Yazid's "three years of caliphate" were the "cause of calamities that had no precedent in the history of Islam, despite all the strife that had occurred before him.". Tabatabai adds:


"During the first year of Yazid's rule Imam Husayn, the grandson of the Holy Prophet, was massacred in the most atrocious manner along with his children, relatives, and friends. Yazid even had some of the women and children of the Household of the Prophet killed and their heads displayed in different cities. During the second year of his rule, he ordered a general massacre of Medina and for three days gave his soldiers freedom to kill, loot, and take the women of the city. During the third year he had the sacred Ka`bah destroyed and burned."


Response to Alnaz Jiwa


Simply put, the devil was personified in the form of Yazid who brutally slaughtered the grandsons of the Prophet in Kufa in October of 680. Thirteen hundred years later, the officer of the court Alnaz Jiwa suggests that His Highness - The grandson of Imam Husayn - has appointed leaders like "Yazids" to serve the needs and requirements of his Community. It bears repeating that Alnaz Jiwa asserted that the "core" of His Highness' aides and Institutional leadership is "rotten"! On Dec. 27, 2011, Alnaz Jiwa wrote:


"Thanks to the likes of SS [Shafik Sachedina, one of the top aides of His Highness], AB [Aziz Bhaloo, former President of His Highness the Aga Khan Council for Canada] and MM [Mohammed Manji, President of His Highness the Aga Khan Council for Canada] who have managed to complete the objectives of the likes of Muavia and Yezid." -, December 27th, 2012


To give credence to his evil-slanderous propaganda, Alnaz Jiwa fabricated a saying attributing to His Highness' grandfather. The officer of the court alleged that His Highness' grandfather had stated (100 years back?) that there were "yezids" in his Community. Next, AJ arbitrarily decided that Institutional leaders appointed by His Highness are current Yazids and Mu`awiyas!


There is not a single saying from His Highness' grandfather stating that that there were "yazids" in His Community or that He had appointed "yazids" to serve the needs and requirements of the community. On the other hand, His Highness' grandfather explained that Yazid had waged a battle against the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), primarily on the basis of ARROGANCE. The entire global Community and public at large continue to witness that the court officer Alnaz Jiwa and Nagib Tajdin are the actual martyrs of ARROGANCE who are currently battling against His Highness in the Supreme Court of Canada.


Despite stealing His Highness' copyright materials, the court officer Alnaz Jiwa and NT are not prepared to reveal the names and identities of John Doe defendants, printer(s), distributors, agents, purchasers, etc - since the ARROGANCE of NT and AJ have no limits. Thus, His Highness was forced to ask the Court to compel the court officer AJ and NT to answer to his questions.  


To be more explicit, Alnaz Jiwa is the one who is championing the legacy of Yazid. There are so many posts from AJ's forum which demonstrate that Nagib Tajdin, cousins of veiled John Doe Defendant Karim Allibhay and others had openly ridiculed the Holy Qur'an. These posts reveal that Nagib Tajdin defied the Qur'anic verses; NT slandered Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him); NT ridiculed the wives of the Prophet, etc. One of the posts reveals that Nagib Tajdin was offering prizes - stolen copyright Farmans - to all those who were willing to ridicule and slander the wives of Prophet Muhammad and the three first caliphs of Islam. In light of the relentless evil propaganda, the court officer Alnaz Jiwa and NT deserve a response. To refresh their memory, some of the posts are cited in Appendix 2.



Appendix 2


- The Devil's Speech on Alnaz Jiwa's Forum -


Alnaz Jiwa's E-Mail Forum: Ilm-net


In his mid 40's, Alnaz Jiwa joined the University of Manitoba (U of M) to become a solicitor. As a privilege, the U of M provided AJ with a listserv without any cost. It is on this listserv (named Ilm-net) where the devil spoke.


AJ's forum served as a channel which promoted and circulated His Highness' stolen copyright materials. The same listserv was used to ridicule His Highness' Institutional leaders. Before His Highness initiated his lawsuit, the court officer fervently urged his audience to disregard the Canadian copyright law - challenge His Highness' copyright - defy the Ismaili Constitution and disregard all the official institutional announcements which sought to STOP Nagib Tajdin's infringing activities.


Without any exaggeration, AJ's Ilm-net served as an open sewer of the devil; in fact, AJ even crowned the devil by giving a carte blanche to his subscribers to openly ridicule the Holy Qur'an; slander Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), etc. Worst: Nagib Tajdin offered His Highness' stolen copyright materials as prizes to all those who had the guts to ridicule the wives of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by using the "b" word.


After reading a fraction of satanic propaganda which was displayed on the University of Alberta's listserv, Professor Turgay, Director of the McGill's Institute of Islamic Studies, unhesitatingly concluded that Nagib Tajdin was worst than Salman Rushdie.


Caution: Since the posts displayed on the University of Manitoba's listserv are so disgusting and evil in nature, only a few are cited.


Allah vs. Nagib Tajdin


Citation # 1


Fourteen centuries ago, some evil-mongers had generated a malicious scandal against Aysha, the wife of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Their sole intention was to offend and ridicule the Holy Prophet. To protect the pristine purity of Aysha from the devilish propaganda, the Almighty Allah (swt) revealed the following verse of the Holy Qur'an which reads:

"Lo! They who spread the slander are a GANG among you.  ...Unto every man of them (will be paid) that which he hath earned of the sin; and as for him among them who had the greater share therein, his will be an awful doom." (Holy Qur'an 24:11)

In the last 1400 years, no Muslim had the audacity to defy the foregoing divine testimony with the exception of Nagib Tajdin. When NT was told that he was defying the Qur'anic testimony, he became more arrogant and defiant by implying that the Holy Qur'an too was forged. Nagib Tajdin wrote the following on Alnaz Jiwa's forum:    


"...Read her [Prophet Muhammad's wife] sleeping with his camel guardian...Sorry, couldn't find the tabloid describing these immoral doings by the local Princess of that era - maybe they did not have newspaper back then). " - Source: Court officer Alnaz Jiwa's Ilm-net November 22nd 1996


Citation # 2


The Almighty Allah says that the wives of the Prophet are mothers of believers. Not only did Nagib Tajdin defy the Almighty Allah but he also ridiculed the wife of the Prophet in the most diabolical manner. On the sewer of Alnaz Jiwa, Nagib Tajdin wrote:


"Most the first Khalifes of Islam the 3 dogs. ... don't know what that makes of Ayesha daughter of one of them..." - Source: Court officer Alnaz Jiwa's Ilm-net January 30, 1997


"Name the three dogs. ...What was the name of that lady‑dog? (how do you call daughter of a dog?) Reply directly to with your snail mail address. Prize: The first two to get the right answer will get a video of the 3 latest speeches of [His Highness]  ...[one] who gets two answers right gets also the [stolen audio recording] ...Farman....Regards, Nagib [Tajdin]." - Source: Court officer Alnaz Jiwa's Ilm-net March 9, 1997



Prophet vs. Nagib Tajdin



Citation # 3


The Holy Qur'an teaches that Muslims should say "Auzubillahi-min-ash-Shaytan-nir-rajim" before reading the Holy Qur'an. Sura 16:98 reads:

"And when recitest thou the Qur'an seek thou refuge with God from Satan the accursed. Verily there is no authority over those who believe and rely on their Lord." 


Nagib Tajdin believes that the bulk of the Holy Qur'an is authored by Caliph Uthman. In this post, NT suggested that Satan too was successful in deceiving Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. Relying on Waqidi, the well acclaimed liar, NT attempted in vain to tarnish the reputation of the Prophet on Alnaz Jiwa's forum:


 "According to the Hadith, one night the Prophet was feeling asleep and some people asked him what was the latest guidance from Allah. ....People were surprised that the prophet would revert back to idolatry. The next day they asked to the prophet the meaning of all this. He said he was half asleep and Shaitan gave that Ayat, not Allah." - Source: Court officer Alnaz Jiwa's Ilm-net December 13, 1996


Allah vs. Nagib Tajdin


Citation # 4


For the past 1400 years, Muslims have fasted during the holy month of Ramadhan. The self-appointed imam Nagib Tajdin issued a fatwa, verdict, inciting defiance against the Almighty Allah:  

"To fast during the month of an insult to the fundamentals of our faith and probably a disrespect of what our forefather have taught us for centuries..." - Source: Court officer Alnaz Jiwa's Ilm-net, Jan 1, 1997

...[we] are allowed to fast any month of the year except the month of Ramadhan during which the fast is HARAM [condemned; sinful]..." - Source: Court officer Alnaz Jiwa's Ilm-net, Jan. 11, 1997



Appendix 3


EVIL PROPAGANDA on Nagib Tajdin's Website


Nagib Tajdin too has labelled the Institutional leaders as current Muawiyas and Yezids. NT's agents had invaded the privacy of His Highness and His family and taken exploitive pictures. Next, they posted these photos on Heritage Page/Ismaili-net. To counter these jackals, the Department of Information at Aiglemont, under the supervision of His Highness, protected His Highness' pictures under copyright law. The Council for Canada cautioned the Jamats that a display of such copyright materials were unlawful. In reaction to this institutional announcement, Nagib Tajdin wrote on June 6th 1998:


...There was a time when Yezid and Muawiya stopped water to the thirsty followers of Imam Husayn at Kerbala. Today, we have our own Yezids and Muawiyas trying to stop the information thirsty Jamat..."


Six weeks later (July 20th 1998), Nagib Tajdin suggested that there was an underground mafia at Aiglemont whose real aim - in the words of Nagib - is to hurt the Imam, possibly to attempt on the safety of the Imam. Almost three months later (October 13th 1998), Nagib Tajdin portrayed Ismaili leaders as corrupt and traitors.


To protect and defend the absolute right of the His Highness' Farmans, massive efforts were undertaken to ensure that no unauthorized recording of Farmans be carried out by Nagib Tajdin and his veiled fanatical supporters. In reaction to these efforts, Nagib Tajdin wrote on Alnaz Jiwa's forum: 


This is a small underground mafia acting against the Jamat [Community] and against the Imam [His Highness] since few years already. Few people know about them. Being in the information business, I do have some info :-) They are infiltrating the Security committees at the Didar hall and divert their aims from protecting the Imam [His Highness] and the Jamat and from searching for identities and weapons to searching for tapes and cameras - This small `mafia has built links with the Toronto gang of which some members might even not suspect the real aim of the mafia. I believe their ultimate goal is to hurt the Imam, possibly to attempt on the safety of the Imam. If this happens, God forbid, they will need a person on which to put the blame and divert the attention. Guess who they intend to blame?

PS: Those who read French comics, you know about Iznogoud, the Vazir who wanted for years and years to become Calife in place of the Calife? And you remember how his plots always failed? Well the gangs contact employee at Aiglemont in Higher Sphere isnt even a Vazir :-)- Alnaz Jiwa's Ilm-net July 20th 1998


Alnaz Jiwa Asserts that His Highness is Not the Plaintiff


On April 10, 2010, the court officer Alnaz Jiwa published his letter on his own forum ilm-net. This slanderous letter was also emailed en masse. In this letter, Alnaz Jiwa alleges that Institutional leaders had engaged in a criminal conspiracy by initiating the lawsuit under His Highness' name.  Court officer Alnaz Jiwa wrote:


"Now the leaders have filed a Statement of Claim in the Federal Court of Canada (the claim is being or will be circulated widely by these leaders) against me and against another individual [Nagib Tajdin]. The strange thing is that the claim is issued under the name of MHI [His Highness The Aga Khan]. Meaning that MHI [His Highness] is suing us for copyright. Of course I do not believe that MHI [His Highness] has given instructions for the issuing of the claim. Why? It will take too long for me to write and explain why."


Patricia Campbell & Bloglaw


On April 14, 2010, an individual by the name of Patricia Campbell raced to publish an article in the public Wikipedia and other media outlets under the title of Aga Khan Lawsuit...Fact or Fiction. This Campbell, a fictitious person, fiercely defended and glorified the malicious and slanderous allegations made by Alnaz Jiwa and Nagib Tajdin. Campbell sought very hard to demonize Institutional leaders and at some point she disappears. At any rate, another individual (perhaps the same Campbell?) reincarnates under the name of Bloglaw, an ultra fanatical supporter of NT and AJ to this very day. Some believe that this bloglaw is none other than Maheboob Alam Chatur of London.


Mahebub Chatur's Attack on Imamat

His Highness should follow Dalai Lama

Chatur suggested that His Highness should forsake His powers and functions and follow in the footsteps of the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader Dalai Lama by allowing an election of leaders! In essence, this is veiled attack on the Constitution and Imamat. Nagib Tajdin (umed librarian) weighed in and ridiculed by asserting that such an "election" of leaders would fail because His Highness' appointed "rogues" would "corrupt the ballot". Chatur wrote:

"If SS, MM and AB were the top leaders during the Fatimid era, what would they have done to Nagib, Alnaz and anyone who disagrees with them let alone who dares to ask them for Farmans? They would disregard and bypass NCAB, ICAB & institutional Policies. [...] Maybe this lawsuit is partly to make us realise what we need to do. May be soon we will have a new constitution [...] with new top leaders or who are maybe elected (Dai la lama did as the way forward for them). [...] Maybe we are witnessing the beginning of a new reality!" - Nagib Tajdin's, February 9, 2012


Nagib Tajdin reacted:


"Election can not work, they will corrupt the ballot [...] considering the number or rogue people around [His Highness The Aga Khan]. This is better done in the context of the Ismaili Constitution and its revisions." - Nagib Tajdin's, February 9, 2012


Mahebub Chatur's Attack on Talika of Imam

Mahebub Chatur (bloglaw) also suggests that the Talika of the Imam was forged by an impostor-imam. Chatur wrote:


"The Talika/announcement by SS and Co [Shafik Sachedina & Institutional leaders] says the following. Remember SS was handing this out before it was announced [...]." - Nagib Tajdin's, May 20, 2012


Nagib Tajdin Asserts that His Highness is Implicated in Fraud Conspiracy


"[...] The Imam [His Highness] did not want to create a fuss at the Court because saying he was not the Plaintiff would have landed the LIF, MM [Mohammed Manji, President of Council for Canada], SS [Shafik Sachedina: Head of the Department of Jamati Institutions based in His Highness' Secretariat] and Gray [Norton Rose solicitor] into troubles you have no idea of." - Nagib Tajdin's, February 3rd, 2012, emphasis added


Alnaz Jiwa Asserts that His Highness Can never be the Plaintiff


Four days after Nagib Tajdin's blasphemous-slanderous post, court officer Alnaz Jiwa wrote:


"Now Sadrudin says that the Imam [His Highness] came [to Court Discovery on October 15, 2010] as a plaintiff [...] If he was the plaintiff, real plaintiff, as asserted by Sadrudin's, then Sadrudin's comments makes out MHI as an incompetent, grossly incompetent person, not worth of worshiping." - Nagib Tajdin's, February 7th, 2012


Absolute Evil


Nagib Tajdin's wickedness reflects in the following post:


[...] Maybe there is more to this case then copyright issues, maybe something that we small people can not even think of. That would be of the real of imagination I guess... but how long will it be before the situation unfold. [...] The important issue is why is there an attempt to portray the Imam as a money-hungry revengeful and blood thirsty person suing his followers for sharing his Farmans within the community, a negative depiction which we can see in the course of the lawsuit, especially after the Harrington judgment? [...] The Imam has had many enemies [...] the reason been that they all wanted to get hold of the holy money. [...]" - Nagib Tajdin's, January 15th, 2012


"[T]he lawsuit is only a smoke screen, a tip of the iceberg. The real thing is too big for anyone to believe. Once the final results of the team's findings will be compiled, we will make it open to all. The reason MM wanted this web site closed is not because of the comments on the lawsuit, it is for what is behind this."  - Nagib Tajdin's, May 20, 2012


Mahebub Chatur (bloglaw) responded:


"I agree that this is a tip of the iceberg and Shafik Sachefina and Company should be under no doubt that there are more and more who are gathering more information , and those who have will be releasing it and this includes other lobbies , media, and even those who are giving them support to SS and Co. " - Nagib Tajdin's, May 20, 2012


Nagib Tajdin 's madness reaches its climax in the following extract:


[...] if God Himself says Gray is lying', a defamation lawsuit can be and will be launched against God and do not be mistaken, if God is self-represent, God will be condemned. [...] I am convinced Gray has much more to loose than any of Mohamed Manji and Shafik Sachedina and their likes, all of whom will be in boiling water at that time anyway - God willing ;-)." - Nagib Tajdin's, January 14th, 2012


Nagib Tajdin's Attack on His Highness' Department of Jamati Institutions

His Highness has several departments at His Highness' Secretariat at Aiglemont, France. Besides, the Department of legal Affairs and Department of Information, we also have Department of Jamati Institution established by His Highness. Nagib Tajdin [librarian umed) NT decided to slander DJI in the following words:

[...] DJI Department of Jamati Affairs that SS has created to usurp the powers of the Imam [His Highness] [...] Imam Mustansir Billah knew that his Prime Minister was trying to usurp his powers. He could have fired him. He did not do that. What he did is that 4 years before the betrayal, Imam had already succeeded in preparing an exit strategy for that betrayal day. His Dai's had secure[d] Alamut and this is where the following Imams went, leaving the population with the crooked minister and his own son. How can Imam ask someone to step out of head of an institution that does not exist except in the imagination of SS and of the jamat. [...]" - Nagib Tajdin's, March 3rd, 2012


"Chinese leaders have unprecedentedly written an open letter to remove and replace a top Leader ? They have risked their positions and adverse repercussions. The police are said to have visited them following the letter.  Will our Leaders write an open letter to remove and replace SS [His Highness' appointed senior Aide Shafik Sachedina] and others, or as a part of their recommendations in the end of term reports ? The Leader in China is head of many Govt institutions, Head of Police, security, courts and member of highest decision making authority ? This story reminded me of DJI ! - Integrity on Nagib Tajdin's, May 17,  2012



Institutional Leaders are current Yazids says Officer Alnaz Jiwa



"....MSMS [His Highness' grandfather] has made some farmans where he had divided Ismailis into 2 (or 3 depending on the Farman re Yezids being present in jks). - Nagib Tajdin's, Jan. 6th, 2012


Alnaz Jiwa wrote to a certain yasmin who was offended by AJ's remarks:

"I am sorry that you can't distinguish between rage and repeating 'facts'. You seem to be pointing to such words as 'mungo ndogo' [minor god] to come to a conclusion of 'rage'. I am not sure which country you reside in, but SS's [His Highness' senior Aide Dr. Shafik Sachedina's] nick name in Kenya is mungu ndogo (even local Africans call him that). [...]These people get away (MHI has also said (I believe at IIS' 25th anniversary dinner) that they get away with murder) with murder because good meaning people say, let them be, why should we bother about it, MHI knows and let MHI deal with it. [...] MSMS [His Highness' grandfather] has said that there was one Yezid then, now there are countless and they are sitting here in my presence. Yet he did not identify them nor threw them out. And I do not believe that they should be given a free reign." - Nagib Tajdin's, Nov. 23rd, 2011


Alnaz Jiwa wrote:

[...] murids along with Nagib [Tajdin] go through enormous personal expense and brave the harassment of the security forces of likes of SS and MM and manage to obtain the Farman, transcribe it and then distribute it by Ilm-net and other sources.


[...] Thanks to the likes of SS, AB and MMs who have managed to complete the objectives of the likes of Muavia and Yezid. Is it any wonder that MSMS had said that during Imam Hussein's time there was one Yezid. Now there are 'anek' (countless) and he finishes by stating they are sitting right here. " - Nagib Tajdin's, Dec. 27th, 2011


Nagib Tajdin wrote:

[...] So as far as I am concerned, there are 3 kind of people: those who obey Imam's instructions, those who ignore them, and those who actively fight against Imam's instructions. MM [President of Council for Canada appointed by His Highness] has proved by his actions that he is from the 3rd category." - Nagib Tajdin's, Jan. 15th, 2012


Alnaz Jiwa wrote:


[...] The core has become rotten. History is witness to the manner in which rotten is discarded. Pir said: jem tamboli katri nakhe paan, them Swami rajo katri nakhe jamat." - Nagib Tajdin's, Dec. 26, 2011


Note: The notion that the Imam will destroy His own Jamat is absolutely ludicrous; it is simply a fabrication of Alnaz Jiwa. As stated previously, there is no such line in the entire ginan literature!  




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